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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report


The records of town credits have been carefully kept during the year,--the name of each recruit, who has been shown by the Muster-in-Rolls to have enlisted to the credit of each town, being entered upon the record to the credit of such town, with his company, regiment and the date of his Muster-In Roll, so that the correctness of the account could be readily verified, in case error was claimed to have occurred. As not one complaint of error has been made during the year, the record is probably accurate. I annex, in Appendix E, a list of the men who have been credited to each town since September 30, 1864, the date of my last Annual Report, with the company and regiment, to which each was assigned.

I have also caused to be prepared and recorded for future reference, a statement of the account of each town for men furnished, showing the enrolment of the town, the several quotas assessed to each, the number of men furnished under each call, the monthly balances, and the ultimate standing of the town. I annex, in Appendix F, an extract from this record, so far as to show the final standing of each town in the State upon all calls.

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