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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report

The history of the ELEVENTH REGIMENT, from the commencement of the year to the twenty-fourth of June, 1865, is a part of the history of the Vermont Brigade, and has been mentioned in that connection on the previous pages of this Report. The original members of the regiment and the recruits, whose term of service would expire previous to October 1, 1865, were mustered out of service June 24, 1865. The remaining members of the regiment were consolidated on that day, into a battalion of four companies of heavy artillery, Major Darius J. Safford commanding, and stationed in the Defences of Washington,--one company at Fort Foote, Md., and three companies at Fort Slocum, D. C. Subsequently, June 28, companies A, C and D were removed to Fort Foote. On the twenty-fifth of August the battalion was mustered out of service entire.

The following statement shows the condition and stations of the regiment at the several dates specified:

(see Legend, below)


Oct. 31,Near Strasburg, Va.16687266302136291
Nov. 15, Near Newtown, Va.16697536132-4297
Dec. 31,In the Field, Va.16018534755218239
Jan. 16,do159084447314-1258
Feb. 16, do153890740520-2204
Mar. 15, Patrick Station, Va.14869623252944162
Apr. 17,Near Burkesville, Va.1460899369--1191
May 3,Danville, Va.14199143764-6113
June 8,Washington, D.C.135087735337839-
July 15Fort Foote, Md.584353218742-

The casualties in the regiment, during the year, have been as follows:--Mustered out of service, 1043; transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps, 50; discharged, 147; deserted, 64; died, 282; total, 1586.


A - Date
B - Station.
C - Aggregate
D - On Duty
E - Sick
F - Absent with Leave
G - Absent without Leave
H - In arrest or confinement
I - Prisons
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