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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report


From different sources I have been able to obtain information of the death of Vermont soldiers in rebel prisons. But I am under special obligation to Corporal Alson H. Blake, of Milton, formerly of Co. F, 9th Vt. Vols., for a list of two hundred and thirty-six men, from this State, who died under the horrible treatment by rebel officers at Andersonville, with the company, regiment, nature of disease, date of death and number of grave of each. Corporal Blake was a prisoner at Andersonville from May 22,1864, to April 17, 1865. He was detailed as Hospital Steward in one of the wards, and subsequently was placed in charge of the "Death Register," from which he made extracts from time to time, which enabled him to furnish the list above mentioned. His service, in this respect, has been of very great value to the State, and he is entitled to commendation for placing the list in this office, where the information it contains could be freely obtained by all interested.

The treatment of the prisoners at Andersonville, Ga., will never be appreciated in all its untold barbarity, exceeding in horror the torments of the Black Hole of Calcutta, or of the Spanish Inquisition. Its results are most vividly portrayed by Mr. Corson in his Report (Appendix C) to which I have directed attention on a previous page. It cannot be read without a thrill of anguish and indignation.

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