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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report
Appendix A


Circular No. 2.


Adjutant and Inspector General's Office.
Woodstock, December 26, 1864.

By General Order No. 5 of the Governor of Vermont, dated December 20, 1864, it has been ordered, that all companies of the active Militia, to be raised under the act of the General Assembly, entitled "An Act for Organizing the Militia," approved November 22, 1864, not previously organized, shall be organized, by the election of officers, on the 31st day of December, A.D. 1864, whether such companies shall then contain fifty-one enlisted men, or less than that number.

And it has been further ordered, that every company, not filled by voluntary enlistment to the number of fifty-one men, accepted by the examining surgeon, by or before the tenth day of January, 1865, shall be filled by draft on that day.

The several Superintendents of Recruiting for the Militia will use their utmost efforts to procure the completion of each company within their respective districts by or before the thirty-first day of December, 1864. And if any company within their respective districts shall not be filled to the number of fifty-one men, by voluntary enlistment, by or before the thirty-first day of December, 1864, and shall be organized on that day with a less number of men than fifty-one, then each Superintendent will use every effort possible, by personal supervision, and by correspondence and personal communication with the Selectmen and prominent and patriotic citizens of the deficient towns, to procure such deficient company filled, by voluntary enlistment, previous to January 10, 1865,--and thereby avoid a draft.

And the Selectmen of the several towns are earnestly requested to give their immediate, active and earnest attention to this subject, and, by prompt and efficient co-operation with the recruiting officers of their respective company districts, ensure the immediate completion of the companies and avoid the necessity for a draft,--which will be peremptorily ordered, unless the companies are filled,==but which out not to be required, by the citizens of any town, when called upon to raise military organizations for the defense of the State against threatened invasion from abroad and for the protection of their own homes and firesides against the murderous assaults or reckless robbers and assassins, and the ruthless spoilations of rebel emissaries.

By Order of the Governor, PETER T. WASHBURN Adjutant and Inspector General