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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report
Appendix A



Adjutant and Inspector General's Office.
Woodstock, December 29, 1864.

General Order No. 6.

Whereas, authority has been given by the President of the United States to Major General John A. Dix, commanding in the Department of the East, to raise one regiment of cavalry, to serve in his Department, for the defence of the Frontier:--and whereas, requisition has been made upon the Governor of the State of Vermont for two companies of Cavalry to serve in the service of the United States in said regiment:--and whereas, in view of the recent occurrences in Canada, and in the action of the Canadian Government, it has become of the greatest importance that the said two companies be raised with the utmost rapidity possible:--Therefore, in compliance with the said requisition, and by the authority conferred by the provisions of section twenty-eight of the act of the General Assembly of the State of Vermont entitled "An Act for organizing the Militia," approved November 22, 1864, it is hereby ordered as follows:

1. Two companies of Cavalry, to consist of one hundred and one officers and men each, will be forthwith raised within the State of Vermont, to serve in the service of the United States, within the Department of the East, for the term of one year.

2. For the Purpose of expediting the raising of said companies, and to afford an opportunity for volunteering, the selectmen of each town may receive volunteers until the twentieth day of January, A. D. 1865, and forward them to the Provost Marshal of their respective districts, by whome they will be enlisted and mustered into the service of the United States, and forwarded to the State Rendezvous for such recruits at Burlington.

3. The Quartermaster General of the State is hereby authorized and directed to furnish transportation for such recruits, upon the application of the selectmen of each town, directed to him at Montpelier, from such town to the office of the Provost Marshal of the district.

4. In the event of a failure to raise the requisite number of men by volunteering by the said twentieth day of January, A. D. 1865, the quotas of the several towns will be immediately thereafter assessed, and a draft made for the deficiency, under such rules and regulations as shall be hereafter prescribed.

5. As this is a call for troops for the protection of the State, such quotas will be assessed upon and are to be raised from the entire militia of the State, in accordance with the provisions of said section twenty-eight of said Act of the General Assembly, without reference to any surplus of men, which any town may have heretofore furnished in excess of calls heretofore made for men to serve in the army of the United States. But recruits for said two companies will be credited to the town furnishing them upon the present call of the President of the United States for three hundred thousand men to serve in the army of the United States, or upon any future call, as may be necessary.

6. Recruits for the said companies will receive the same United States' bounty and pay as recruits who enlisted for the same term of service in the army of the United States,--and, in addition thereto, will receive the State pay of seven dollars per month.

7. Each company will be organized as soon as a sufficient number of men shall have been enlisted; the men of each company will be allowed to elect their own officers; and arms, uniforms and equipments will be furnished to each company, as soon as organized. Orders for mounting the men will be hereafter given, in proper time.

8. An opportunity is thus afforded to the several towns to fill their quotas, to this extent, under the present call of the President of the United States for three hundred thousand men, or to obtain a credit upon future calls, and for a service within this Department for home protection. It is hoped and expected, that the response will be prompt, and that Vermont will now, as she has ever done, furnish the men within the time limited and save resort to a draft.

By Order of His Excellency J. GREGORY SMITH, Governor and commander-in-Chief, PETER T. WASHBURN, Adjutant and Inspector General.