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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report
Appendix A



Adjutant and Inspector General's Office.
Woodstock, March 28, 1865.

General Order No. 9.

1. Authority is hereby given to raise one regiment of Cavalry, to consist of twelve companies of one hundred and three officers and men each, to constitute a portion of the Militia of this State, under the Act of the General Assembly, entitles "An Act for Organizing the Militia," approved November 22, 1864. Volunteers to the number of twenty-five, or more, will be received until the first day of May, A.D. 1865, from any locality in the State; at which time the companies will be arranged, having reference to locality in the different military districts in the State, and the exigency of the service, as may be considered by the Commander-in-Chief,--by whom the power is reserved, i the event of an excess of men being enlisted, beyond the number necessary to fill the regiment to the maximum, to reject men offered, or to assign or transfer, from one locality to another adjacent, for the purpose of completing the organization.

2. Blanks for enlistment contracts will be furnished from the officer of the Adjutant and Inspector General, upon application thereof. The contracts must be taken in duplicate, and when returned to the officer of the Adjutant and Inspector General, must contain, indorsed thereon, a certificate of a physician in regular practice, and of good standing in his profession, that he has personally examined the men, whose names appear thereon, and that they are physically sound and able to perform military duty.

3. No recruits will be received, who will not furnish their own horses for all drills and parades, without charge, except when called into active service.And the enlistment contract must have indorsed thereon the certificate of the Selectmen of the town in which the recruits reside, or other proper person, that the men, whose names appear thereon, own each a horse, or have ample means to procure one.

4. The companies, when completed, will be organized by the election of officers, in accordance, so far as may be practicable, with the provisions of General Order No. 1, of the Governor of Vermont, dated November 29, 1864; and when the twelve companies shall have been organized, the regiment will be organized by the election of Field Officers, upon orders here after to be issued.

5. As soon as the companies shall have been raised and organized, the arms, equipments and uniforms will be distributed.

6. In the event of failure to raise, by volunteering, by the time limited, the number of men required, assignments may be made to the districts of the number of men required from each.

By Order of His Excellency,


Governor and Commander-in-Chief.


Adjutant and Inspector General