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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report
Appendix B

Correspondence, Circulars, &c.


No. 1.
War Department,
Provost Marshall General's Office,
Washington, D. C., January 2, 1865.

The attention of Acting Assistant Provost Marshals General of States, and Boards of Enrolment, is called to the fact, that the quotas assigned under the call of December 19, 1864, for 300,000 men, must not be reduced except by actual enlistments in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps,since the 19th ultimo.

Provost Marshal General.

Copy of
War Department,
Provost Marshall General's Office,
Washington, D. C., January 14, 1865.


Circular No. 1, 1865, was made to prevent the reduction of the quota after it had been determined, by claims for credit for men not raised.

The rule is to apply the credits to the call that produced them. If the quotas under the call for five hundred thousand is more than filled, the excess in years of service is carried forward, and credited on the call for three hundred thousand, and the quotas reduced accordingly before they are assigned.

This is done here in assigning quotas to Districts, and the same rule applies to Sub-districts, and you will so instruct your Provost Marshals, if they do no already so understand it; hence the Circular announces that the quotas assigned are not to be reduced, &c. The credits are to be considered in making the assignment, and when that is done are only to be further reduced by actual enlistment since the date of the last call.

(Signed,)JAMES B. FRY
Provost Marshal General.


Office A. A. P. M. General,
Brattleboro, Vt., Jan. 16, 1865.

Official copy. Respectfully furnished for the information of Brigadier General P. T. Washburn, Adjutant and Inspector General of Vermont.

Major U.S.A.,
A. A. P. M. Gen.

War Department,
Provost Marshal General's Office,
Washington, D. C., January 5th, 1865.

Major William Austine,
Acting Assistant Provost Marshal General, Brattleboro, Vt.

Major:--By direction of the Provost Marshal General, the quotas under call of December 19, 1864, forwarded to you in letter of December 23d, will not be apportioned to Districts or Sub-districts.

A new apportionment, embracing all credits up to December 31, will be made as soon as the proper data is received at this office; and, in order to perfect this, it will be necessary that the Corrected Enrolment up to December 31, and the credits for the month of December, be immediately transmitted.

I am, Major, very respectfully, your obedient servant

Captain Vet. Res. Corps.


No such letter has been received by me, and consequently no assignment of quotas yet made through this office. I have so informed the Provost Marshal General, and expect his orders very soon.

Jan. 7th, 1865. W. AUSTINE,
A. A. P. M. General.

War Department,
Provost Marshall General's Office,
Washington, D. C., Feb. 10th, 1865.


Acting Assistant Provost Marshal General, Brattleboro, Vt.:

Major:--In accordance with a suggestion of the President, on the application of His Excellency J. Gregory Smith, Governor of the State of Vermont, you are directed to set apart from the quota of the several districts in the State of Vermont, under the present call, the following amounts, viz.:

From the 1st District,  266

"  2d " 206

"  3d " 164

making in all a reduction of  ----- 636

which you will not require the State of Vermont to furnish until further instructions. This will leave the amount to be furnished by the State of Vermont under the present call:

From the 1st District,  499

"  2d " 389

"  3d " 308

  ----- 1,196

These reduced quotas you will distribute to the sub-districts, in accordance with the formula and instructions furnished you from this office.

You will confer with His Excellency the Governor, and the Adjutant General of the State, in making the apportionment to sub-districts.

I am, Major, very respectfully,

Your obd't serv't,

Provost Marshal General.

W. AUSTINE, Maj. U. S. A.,
A. A. P. M. Gen'l.