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1st Vermont Infantry


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Company B

Aikens, Joseph P.
Allen, Milton J.
Barker, Michael H.
Bishop, Henry Hosea
Bixby, Hiram P.
Bradley, Horace A.
Brown, James
Bruce, Harvey N.
Buckley, John M.
Buckman, Henry F.
Carlin, John A.
Carroll, Edwin R.
Chamberlin, Sylvanus
Cilley, Daniel P.
Claflin, Nathan C.
Cleveland, Henry C.
Cobb, George W.
Connor, Selden
Darby, Royal
Darling, Homer
Dike, Andrew J.
Dimick, George E.
Dimick, Myron M.
Emmons, Edwin C.
Faunce, Irvin J.
Fay, Frederick
French, Henry H.
Gilman, John
Harding, Henry M.
Hoisington, Norman M.
Hudson, Orville M.
Hyde, Henry P.
Kimball, Elbert B.
Kimball, Hiram Arzo
Leonard, Edgar B.
Leonard, Jesse W.
Levey, George Hugh
Lincoln, Sumner H.
Lucas, Martin Anderson
Marsh, Lewis L.
Mason, George W.
Maxham, Edwin Bowin
McKenzie, Oliver H. Jr.
Moore, Luther Franklin
Murdock, Chauncey L.
Murdock, George H.
Packard, George W.
Paine, Edwin R.
Parker, Reuben M.
Paul, George W.
Paul, Ora Jr.
Pelton, William Wood
Pollard, John Brown
Raistrick, John Y.
Randall, George C.
Raymond, Chauncey E.
Raymond, George L.
Rice, Franklin B.
Richmond, Clifton
Richmond, Edward Leslie
Seaver, Richard Adam
Smith, Orlando C.
Southgate, William Wallace
Spear, Edwin S.
Sweet, William
Taft, Charles J.
Thompson, Charles O.
Thompson, Henry Barnabas
Tubbs, LaMarquis
Warren, Charles Henry
Weeden, Edwin
Whitney, Dana H.
Williamson, Henry
Winslow, Seth J.
Wood, Milton G.
Woodbury, Crayton Ainsworth
Woodward, Solomon Erskine
Young, Mahlon M.
See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.