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1st Vermont Infantry


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Company C

Bell, Freeborn E.
Bellows, Osmond F.
Bertrand, Napoleon Jr.
Blair, Israel
Blake, William L.
Blanchard, Osgood
Bliss, Frederick Franklin
Bowditch, Josiah B.
Bradley, Charles H.
Brigham, Edmund
Bullard, Romeo W.
Burleson, George Washington
Button, William H.
Byrnes, Thomas
Carle, Nelson E.
Cavanaugh, James
Chappel, Loring
Currier, George W.
Curtis, William C.
Cutting, George E.
Doty, Morgan A.
Duclos, Henry P.
Eustace, Frank B.
Fish, Miner E.
Foster, Daniel S.
Fuller, Austin Weld
Gilbert, Hamilton S.
Gilmore, Henry
Gravelin, Nelson
Greene, Lester Bruce
Greene, Luther Annenius
Greene, Sidney T.
Harris, Aaron B.
Hunt, George Gove
Hurlbut, Alonzo Reuben
Kittredge, George H.
Ladd, George W.
Leach, Ephraim Smith
Livingston, William H.
Lucia, Charles
Marvin, Squire A.
McCarroll, Robert
McCluskey, Charles A.
McGowan, John C.
Merrill, Oscar J.
Merrill, Romeo W.
Miller, Andrew E.
Mitchell, Theron
Morton, Edward Augustus
Moss, John W.
Nason, Carter H.
O'Brien, Daniel
Parsons, John Haines
Perkins, Hiram Edward
Perkins, Jesse B.
Phelps, Henry W.
Poquette, Joseph T.
Reed, Ephraim Smith
Roberts, George W.
Rogers, Joseph E.
Sandford, Dewey
Smith, Louis McD.
Stevens, Andrew
Stickney, Barnard H.
Stiles, Lucius G.
Stone, John
Stone, Lawrence
Sturdevant, John H.
Tabor, Sanford U.
Taylor, Marshall E.
Turner, Charles
Warner, Edward C.
Welchman, William H.
Wells, William H.
Whitney, Orloff H.
Wightman, Charles A.
Wood, Seymour H.
Wright, Allen
See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.