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1st Vermont Infantry


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Company D

Andross, Dudley Kimball
Avery, Nathan Ayers
Bagley, Frank M.
Beard, Merrill G.
Bixby, Jason R.
Blanchard, Harlin S.
Brock, Thomas A.
Brooks, James Byron
Brown, Oramel B
Buckley, Dennis
Chamberlin, Preston S.
Chamberlin, Remembrance Wright
Chase, Henry Melville
Child, Darius Griffin
Clark, Dwight S.
Cowdery, Burnham
Davis, Azro B.
Davis, Merritt A.
Dickey, Thomas Wasson
Farnham, Roswell
Farr, Elijah
Flanders, Daniel Nason
Flanders, Edmund G.
Flanders, George W.
Gaffield, Gardner Johnson
Gelo, Moses
Getchell, Alfred E.
Gould, Edward F.
Heath, Albert D.
Howard, Emory A.
Howes, Samuel E.
Jewell, William Nelson
Johnson, George A.
Kelley, James Williams
Kilbourne, Edwin Arius
Leach, Cyrus B.
Lougee, George
Lougee, Philander
Lufkin, Daniel M.
Lufkin, Orrin
Lupien, Nelson
Martin, Charles N.
Mattoon, Lyman D.
McCollum, Joseph
McFarland, Andrew J.
McKillips, Charles T.
Meserve, Robert
Morris, George R.
Moulton, Daniel
Norcross, George W.
Norcross, John G.
Page, Albert F.
Palmer, Phineas S.
Patch, Daniel W.
Peckett, John Baron Jr.
Peters, Charles E.
Prescott, Harlan P.
Prichard, John B. W.
Prue, Thomas
Robie, Edwin W.
Robie, Nathaniel
Rush, James L.
Sawyer, Jacob B.
Skinner, Daniel F.
Stearns, John C.
Stover, Archibald H.
Taylor, Stephen S.
Tucker, Thomas L.
Underwood, Benjamin
Wilcox, Edwin A.
Williams, Horace P.
Wood, George E.
Woods, Charles P.
Wright, Charles C.
Young, Andrew J.
See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.