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1st Vermont Infantry


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Company E

Adams, Orrin S.
Allen, Albert W.
Allen, Henry
Allen, James H.
Barber, Joseph H.
Barker, Sewall
Bingham, Leonard P.
Bishop, Charles W.
Blanchard, Oliver H.
Blodgett, William Henry
Boutin, Charles W.
Bridges, Perry S.
Buckley, William H. H.
Carey, William W.
Carlisle, Edwin Martin
Chapman, Martin V. B.
Chase, Ira E.
Chase, Isaac T.
Clapp, Albert S.
Clark, Asaph
Conant, Freeman C.
Conline, John
Corliss, James F.
DeCamp, Ezra M.
Deming, Riley A.
Dutton, Salmon
Emery, Nelson William
Field, Alphonzo Lucius
Fitch, Samuel
Fitch, Samuel Norman
Freeman, Jason E.
French, George Blood
Frost, Roswell W.
Fullam, Benoni B.
Gould, Enos M.
Hart, Dominick
Hazelton, Edward L.
Hazelton, Ira Gordon
Howard, George M. R.
Ingleston, William H.
Kendall, Luke W.
Kendrick, Benjamin S.
Larkin, Charles H.
Larkin, James Warren
Lawrence, Henry E.
Marsdale, Gerald E.
Marshall, Charles A.
Marshall, Frank W.
Maxfield, George C.
Miller, George S.
Orr, George S.
Orr, Moses Edgar
Paine, Lowell B.
Pease, Clark W.
Perkins, William H.
Pier, Orris
Porter, Gardner H.
Rand, Ransom W.
Russell, Allen D.
Sargent, Francis D.
Schollar, William
Shepard, Charles A.
Smith, Henry E.
Spaulding, George Perham
Sperry, William Joseph
Spring, George L.
Stearns, Alick
Stone, Edmund
Taylor, George D.
Thompson, William Henry
Tuttle, Oscar Stratton
Ware, Benjamin Merrill
Weston, Isaac H.
Wheeler, Charles
Willey, John E.
Williams, Henry C.
Witherell, Jonathan B.
Witherell, Nathaniel G. B.
See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.