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1st Vermont Infantry


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Company G

Allen, Noel
Backus, Charles C.
Backus, Dana Converse
Baker, Perry Alverton
Baldwin, Wallace E.
Bickford, Edwin F.
Billings, David C.
Brill, Frederick W.
Brown, David Justus
Bucklin, Nathaniel A.
Bump, Velarous L.
Bush, Joseph
Callaghen, Patrick
Campbell, Jason K.
Cassidy, Thomas
Cheney, William H.
Coburn, John M.
Combs, Harrison
Congdon, James L.
Cooley, Eugene A.
Cram, Henry O.
Cronan, William
Crothers, William Ayers
Cull, Freeman
Danio, John G.
Everetts, Thomas
Fish, Albert
Fitzgerald, William E.
Flint, William Henry
Fonda, E. Raymond
Hendry, Edwin B.
Kilbourn, Daniel N.
Kilbourn, John R.
Lafayette, Isaac
Lassor, Joseph J.
Leland, Amos A.
Lincoln, George
Lincoln, George H.
Mason, Charles L.
McElroy, James
Miller, Silas S.
Morgan, Arthur E.
Needham, Linus
Noonan, Thomas
Noyes, William H.
Ormsbee, Charles James
Ormsbee, Ebenezer Jolls
Parris, Jared L.
Pierce, Hiram M.
Reed, Gustavus
Remington, James H.
Robinson, William B.
Ross, Crawford D.
Ross, George
Ross, John Webb
Ross, Wallace A.
Sanderson, Henry
Saunders, James
Seagar, Charles W.
Smalley, Darwin A.
Smith, William H.
Stanley, Chauncey
Stanley, Silas S.
Steward, Gilbert
Stiles, Edmund R.
Strong, William K.
Stygles, James H.
Town, Emory J.
Trumbull, Henry
Truss, Thomas J.
Wallace, Arnold Foot
Ward, William Ashley
Warner, George M.
West, Ezra P.
Wheeler, John
Wheeler, William R.
Willey, James A.
Wood, Henry M.
See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.