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1st Vermont Infantry


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Company I

Abbey, Alanson L.
Abbey, Otis
Adams, John Quincy
Alger, Martin V. B.
Banner, Dennis G.
Bennett, Henry Wallis
Benway, Teuse
Billings, Bertrand W.
Bolton, James F.
Brooks, Henry
Brownson, Leonard Irving
Bursch, Oscar Otto
Cady, William Lucien
Caffrey, John M.
Carr, Anthony
Chalmers, Alexander W.
Cogswell, Luman H.
Collins, Isaac N.
Colton, Ira F.
Comstock, Olney A.
Daggett, Frank E.
Davidson, John
Dewey, Wallace
Donahue, Patrick
Donnolly, John W.
Dorsey, Edward H.
Fales, Myron L.
Fontenau, David
Freeman, William
Goodrich, Randolph C.
Gould, Orville A.
Grace, James
Griggs, George Henry
Guyette, William
Harvey, Adoniram J.
Hayward, Eben Scott
Heath, Orson W.
Heath, Orville W.
Howard, William D.
Hyatt, Lewis
Hyde, Joshua M.
Johnson, William F.
Kelley, Samuel H.
Lassor, Vietal
Little, Alvin C.
Mathews, Henry F.
McVar, John
Meeker, William V.
Morris, Francis
Myers, Charles R.
Nash, John Moody
Needham, Henry B.
Newell, Luther B.
O'Neil, John
Orcutt, Lucius
Parker, Edward Bates
Piper, Aaron John
Potter, Page G.
Rose, Charles W.
Russell, Edward P.
Saint Lewis, George H.
Sands, Alexander
Savage, Joseph F.
Sheldon, Benjamin F.
Skiff, Alfred Nichols
Sneden, George Walter
Spain, Thomas
Taggart, John H.
Talbot, William D.
Taylor, John W.
Trudo, Frank
Turner, Joseph L.
Wheeler, Charles Samuel
Wright, Reuben S. Jr.
Wright, Wilson D.
Youtt, Aaron P.
Youtt, Charles E.
See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.