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1st Vermont Infantry


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Company K

Barrett, Charles
Blaisdell, Alonzo Charles
Bradford, Hosea J.
Bronson, Martin V. B.
Buell, Samuel T.
Claghorn, Charles A.
Clark, Ransom W.
Clark, Samuel M.
Coppins, Edward
Croff, George E.
Davis, George E.
Davis, William H.
Donnelly, John
Dorrance, William J.
Dudley, Charles P.
Edgerton, William Gustavus
Everson, George J.
Everson, James Jr.
Fenn, Francis
Gaines, James C.
Gee, Frederick
Gilmore, William R.
Gleason, Daniel M.
Goslin, Martin
Gould, William H. H.
Green, Nahum J.
Hall, Isaac Scott
Hicks, Eli B.
Hills, Chauncey K.
Hills, Gilbert Phelps
Howard, Judson N.
Huntoon, Charles F.
Huntoon, Franklin Truman
Kenney, Lorenzo Dow
Kingsley, Levi Gleason
Lamson, Truman B.
Landon, Walter C.
Leach, Moses W.
Lee, George A.
Lyman, Milo
Moore, Justus Gardner
Moulthrop, Robert
Newcomb, George Walton
Newman, Thomas R.
Nichols, William Thomas
Parker, Anthony
Post, James E.
Reynolds, Edwin F.
Ripley, William Young Warren
Roberts, George Tisdale
Ross, James Watkins
Rounds, Edgar M.
Rounds, Ruel
Rounds, William McCoy
Rouse, Henry D.
Sheldon, Harley G.
Sheldon, John Alexander
Smith, Alonzo Enoch
Smith, John F.
Southard, Theodore
Spawn, Addison W.
Spencer, Albert D.
Staley, Stephen G.
Terrill, Samuel
Thayer, George Fern
Thayer, William Henry
Thompson, William B.
Thrall, Benjamin Blanchard
Thrall, Reuben Roland
Thrall, William B.
Warren, George W.
Webb, Henry
White, Austin W.
Whitney, Elijah
See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.