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1st Vermont Infantry

Portrait Gallery

Please Note: As we identify multiple regiments for soldiers, we are merging the records. Until this is complete, occasionally the rank of the person named below might not be the rank he is wearing in the photograph. Until we identify other regiments soldiers have served in, we note that a photograph exists for him, but it may not be for this particular regiment. For instance, any photographs noted from the Gibson collection, are as identified in the 1st Vermont Brigade (2nd through 6th, and 11th Infantry Regiments). If a soldier in one of these units also served in the 1st Vermont Infantry, he'll be listed on the photographs page for that regiment as well. Also, not all photographs are in uniform or during the war.

Select a soldier's name to bring up his record which will include where his photograph(s) are available.

Aikens, Joseph P.
Allen, Heman F.
Allen, Milton J.
Andross, Dudley Kimball
Backus, Charles C.
Baker, Perry Alverton
Baldwin, Wallace E.
Barney, Friend H.
Barney, Valentine Goodrich
Beach, Edgar A.
Beebe, George Allison
Belden, Henry D.
Blake, George Green
Blake, William L.
Bolton, James F.
Boutin, Charles W.
Bowditch, Josiah B.
Boynton, William H.
Brock, Thomas A.
Bronson, Martin V. B.
Brooks, James Byron
Brown, Samuel G.
Brownson, Leonard Irving
Bruce, Harvey N.
Brush, Edwin Ruthven
Bucklin, Nathaniel A.
Buell, Samuel T.
Bullard, Edgar Nelson
Burleson, George Washington
Burns, Edgar T.
Buxton, John Healy
Carey, William W.
Chamberlin, Preston S.
Chamberlin, Remembrance Wright
Chase, George D.
Cheney, William H.
Child, Darius Griffin
Child, Willard Augustus
Chilton, Alexander W.
Clark, Asaph
Clark, Lawrence D.
Clark, Thomas R.
Cleveland, Henry C.
Coffey, Robert John
Collins, Isaac N.
Comstock, Olney A.
Conant, Freeman C.
Conline, John
Connor, Selden
Cowdery, Burnham
Croff, George E.
Currier, George W.
Curtis, Edward Malcolm
Davis, Frederick C.
Davis, George Evans
Davis, Henry W.
Dimick, George E.
Dudley, Charles P.
Dutton, Salmon
Emmons, Edwin C.
Eustace, Frank B.
Everetts, Thomas
Farnham, Roswell
Fish, Miner E.
Fisher, Charles G.
Flanders, George W.
Fletcher, Solon W.
Foster, Daniel S.
Freeman, Jason E.
French, George Blood
French, Henry H.
Frink, Cornelius T.
Fuller, Austin Weld
Getchell, Alfred E.
Gilbert, Hamilton S.
Gould, Edward F.
Grace, James
Griggs, George Henry
Hagar, George Ingersoll
Hayward, Eben Scott
Heath, Orville W.
Hills, Gilbert Phelps
Holden, Eli
Holton, Edward A.
Howard, George M. R.
Huntoon, Franklin Truman
Hurlbut, Alonzo Reuben
Ingleston, William H.
Jennison, Sumner H.
Jewett, Albert Burton
Kelley, James Williams
Kelley, Samuel H.
Kendall, Luke W.
Kilbourne, Edwin Arius
Kingsley, Levi Gleason
Kinney, Edwin R.
Knox, Edward M.
Landon, Walter C.
Leach, Cyrus B.
Leach, Ephraim Smith
Leach, Moses W.
Levey, George Hugh
Lewis, Edwin C.
Lewis, John Randolph
Lincoln, Sumner H.
Liscum, Emerson Hamilton
Loomis, William
Marble, Durham A.
Miller, George S.
Moore, Luther Franklin
Morse, Edmund Alonzo
Moseley, John L.
Mower, Oscar G.
Needham, Henry B.
Newell, Luther B.
Nichols, Alfred K.
Nichols, William Thomas
Nye, Chester Fairbanks
Ormsbee, Charles James
Ormsbee, Ebenezer Jolls
Orr, George S.
Orr, Moses Edgar
Packard, George W.
Parker, Edward Bates
Paul, Ora Jr.
Peck, David Brainerd
Peck, William H. H.
Peckett, John Baron Jr.
Perkins, Hiram Edward
Phelps, John Wolcott
Pier, Orris
Potter, Page G.
Raistrick, John Y.
Randall, George C.
Read, James Marsh
Reynolds, Edwin F.
Ripley, William Young Warren
Roberts, George Tisdale
Robie, Nathaniel
Robinson, William B.
Ross, George
Russell, Edward P.
Savage, Joseph F.
Schollar, William
Seagar, Charles W.
Seligson, Herman A.
Sheldon, Harley G.
Sheldon, John Alexander
Sheridan, John D.
Smalley, Darwin A.
Smith, Henry E.
Smith, Louis McD.
Sneden, George Walter
Spaulding, George Perham
Sperry, William Joseph
Staley, Stephen G.
Stearns, Henry Gould
Stearns, John C.
Stearns, Riley Burdette
Steinhour, William E.
Steward, Gilbert
Stone, Levi Huntoon
Thrall, Reuben Roland
Thrall, William B.
Tucker, Silas B.
Tuttle, Oscar Stratton
Warner, Edward C.
Warren, George W.
Washburn, Peter Thacher
Webb, Charles Augustus
Wells, Ransom Abner
Whitney, Elijah
Whitney, Orloff H.
Wood, George E.
Wood, Seymour H.
Woodbury, Crayton Ainsworth
Woodward, Solomon Erskine
Worthen, Harry Niles
Wright, Wilson D.
Young, Mahlon M.