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1st Vermont Infantry


1861/04/15Telegram: To His Excellency, Erastus Fairbanks, Governor of Vt.; Call made on you by tonight's mail for one regiment for immediate service. SIMON CAMERON, Secretary of War. (source: newspaper clipping of unknown origin)
1861/04/19William H. Flint: Enlisted for 3 months in the first Vt. regt. in co. with Channcey Stanley then he and I went up to Leicester, Vt. there was a meeting last night held in town hall for the purpose of enlisting men in answer to a call for 75,000 men by President Lincoln. (Diary)
1861/05/091st Regiment mustered in and departs for Fortress Monroe, Va. (Dyer)
1861/05/131st Regiment at Hygea Hotel, Fortress Monroe. (Dyer)
1861/05/191st Regiment: 'About the hour of dress parade, on the 19th of May, there was great excitement among the troops at the fortress, occasioned by the first actual fighting that the Vermonters had seen. This was the attack on the steamer 'Monticello' upon the rebel battery at Sewell's Point, directly across Hampton Roads from Fortress Monroe and about two miles distant. The sound of the firing first attracted attention, and the smoke of every discharge could be distinctly seen. Adjutant Stevens became so interested that he neglected his duty at dress parade.' (Peck)
1861/05/20Benjamin Underwood of the Bradford company [Co. D, 1st Regiment], died of measles, or as Surgeon Sanborn reported it in a medical periodical, of nostalgia or home-sickness following measles from which he had begun to recover. This was the first death among the Vt. troops and caused a feeling of sadness throughout the regiment which was deepened by the impressive funeral ceremonies. His remains still lie in the little cemetery on the shores of Chesapeake Bay, where his comrades discharged the last volleys over his grave. William Flint noted the death his diary (Peck)
1861/05/23The first reconnoissance in force upon Virginia soil by the United States troops, was made by the 1st Regiment. Hiram Perkins to George Stannard: "I received an order from the Conl. to have all my men armed and ready to march at 3 o'clock..." William Flint: "When Rebs saw us coming they set fire to bridge. Col. Phelps rushed squad to bridge on double quick put out fire so we were able to cross." (Peck), (Diary)
1861/05/271st Infantry participated in occupation of Newport News, VA. (Dyer)
1861/06/09A battalion of the 1st Regiment, with additional Massachusetts troops, under LTC Peter Washburn, advances on Big Bethel. (Dyer)
1861/06/101st Regiment was engaged at Big Bethel. (Battles)
1861/06/22Dana H. Whitney, was killed by bushwhackers, at Newport News, Va., the first Vermonter to lose his life in the conflict. (Service)
1861/08/041st Regiment 'embarked upon two steamers, 'Ben de Ford' and 'S. R. Spaulding,' and sailed directly to New Haven, where it took the cars for Brattleboro, arriving there late at night on the 7th.' (Peck)
1861/08/151st Regiment mustered out, having lost 2 Enlisted men killed and 6 Enlisted men by disease. Total 8. (Dyer)
1861/11/03Jerome V. Prindle died seven weeks after he was discharged; he was interred Hollow Road cemetery, North Ferrisburgh (Service)