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12th Vermont Infantry


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Company A

Allen, William I.
Banister, Melvin E.
Benjamin, Elmer F.
Blanchard, Henry S.
Blood, Aretus B.
Borne, Dennis A.
Bowers, Charles B.
Bowers, James H.
Bramble, John W.
Brewer, Henry Harrison
Brown, William
Bryant, Henry N.
Buck, Ambrose D.
Buck, Elton Fullam
Butman, Charles F.
Cady, Charles H.
Cady, John W.
Cady, William P.
Carpenter, Benjamin F.
Clayton, William H.
Coats, Albert C.
Coats, James Granville
Cook, George W.
Cushman, Cornelius J.
Dake, Charles H.
Damon, Urias Edgar
Davis, Oscar Paige
Delano, Eugene
Dimick, Morris L.
Dinsmore, George Roderick
Downer, Perley R.
Fleming, John W.
Foster, William H.
Gay, John
Hammond, Henry Holmes
Hammond, Ira Mallory
Hammond, Jabez Holmes
Hammond, Stephen Faunce
Hammond, Ulysses Haller
Herrick, Martin A.
Herrick, Wilbur Able
Heywood, Eleazer B.
Hoisington, David Huggins
Hoit, James L.
Hopkins, Edwin R.
Houghton, Allen Ethan
Lanphear, Reuben N.
Mansfield, James W.
Marcy, Harrison L.
Mather, Frederick P.
Moran, Edward
Moran, Edward D.
Nash, James P.
Newhall, Martin Herrick
Newman, Augustus E.
North, Edward Martin
Paige, Edwin Marquis
Parker, Denison
Parker, Ezra T.
Parker, George H.
Parker, Lucian
Perkins, Edgar Freeland
Perkins, John W.
Perkins, Norman E. E.
Persons, Gilman S.
Price, Edgar C.
Quimby, Olney Fuller
Read, Erastus
Read, Hosea Willard
Rice, Frederick Gilbert
Robinson, Frederick
Rogers, James W.
Ruggles, Edgar M.
Savage, Charles L.
Savage, John A.
Shedd, Farwell Gilman
Sheldon, Charles F.
Small, Frederick L.
Small, Ira Cevetus
Spaulding, Charles Henry
Spear, George Weeden
Stone, Charles
Stone, Charles T.
Stone, Guy A.
Taylor, Edwin S.
Taylor, James W.
Thomas, Otis
Thompson, Charles H.
Turner, Rosto E.
Wait, Willard D.
Wait, William Allen
Wait, Winslow W.
Waldron, Sullivan M.
Walker, George L.
Walker, Henry H.
Warren, Benjamin Jr.
Warren, Leonard Ross
West, Henry C.
White, Ira V.
Willard, Clinton Joseph
Williams, Roderic R.
Woods, Daniel W.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.