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12th Vermont Infantry


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Company C

Austin, Charles Henry
Austin, Joseph John
Averill, George E.
Babcock, James S.
Bacon, Joseph
Baker, Charles H.
Bancroft, William F.
Barlow, Horace
Baxter, Frank W.
Benedict, George Grenville
Bicknell, Orlando L.
Blinn, Henry H.
Boardman, Albert B.
Catlin, Henry Guy
Church, Benjamin A.
Collamer, George H.
Cooney, Thomas L.
Cox, Charles W.
Crane, William O.
Curtis, Abram B.
Cutting, Charles H.
Daniel, Louis A.
Daniels, Edgar T.
Denison, Franklin
Downer, Perley R.
Elliott, Asa P.
Finn, John
Fletcher, Edward Everett
Fletcher, Fennimore F.
Florence, Alfred D.
French, Charles Ormsbee
Garrick, Charles A.
Gleason, John
Griffin, Henry F.
Hagar, George E.
Hagar, George Ingersoll
Hall, Edwin R.
Harrington, Lyndon K.
Holabird, William Hyman
Hoyt, Francis Thomas Deming
Irish, Guy N.
Irwin, Richard James
Jennings, William B.
Kinney, William W.
Landon, Orrin B.
Long, Abel
Loomis, Pomeroy
Lund, William Brown
Madden, James A.
Martin, Henry
McLane, Henry W.
Miller, Adolphus
Millham, James
Mitchell, Zeb.
Morehouse, George C.
Murray, Michael B.
Nash, Edgar
Nash, Guy T.
Page, Lemuel W.
Parot, Julian
Pease, Rollin
Pierson, Henry M.
Pierson, James Smith
Pixley, Luther C.
Pope, John Jr.
Rice, Morris T.
Roberge, Louis
Rogers, Robert W.
Seaver, Burnham
Seaver, Osman Kassander
Silver, George E.
Smith, William
Sorrell, Isaac J.
Spaulding, William C.
Stack, Michael
Story, Hampton Lovegrove
Stoughton, Guy
Sutton, John M.
Tennant, Henry Clay
Thacher, Charles
Thompson, George Dan
Thompson, Marquis D. L.
Tracy, William Amos
Tuxbury, Charles Hill
Tyler, Albert Van Rauselier
Tyler, Vernon Alvah
Vilas, Lucius N.
Wainwright, Charles
Walker, William Wirt
Walton, Edward
Warren, Thomas Henry
Wells, Randall W.
Whitney, Charles H.
Wight, Charles
Wight, Henry M.
Wing, Heman Rogers
Zottman, Guy C.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.