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12th Vermont Infantry


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Company D

Abbott, Allen C.
Adams, Benjamin Henry
Allen, Marcellus C.
Andrus, Orrin R.
Bagley, William J. D.
Banister, Frank O.
Barnes, Azariah
Bartlett, Mark P.
Benedict, Cornelius N.
Bohonan, Alba F.
Briggs, Orville H.
Brown, Samuel R.
Bryant, Lester A.
Bugbee, Ducell O.
Cabot, Charles F.
Carr, George W.
Carr, Jason
Clark, George
Clark, Nathaniel M.
Clark, William L.
Colby, Alpha H.
Cole, David F.
Courtney, Henry W.
Cram, Henry
Curtis, Mason B.
Davis, Franklin E.
Davis, Henry W.
Densmore, Milton
Dodge, Charles Ammi
Dodge, Charles H.
Dunham, George D.
Durkee, George Whitney
Durkee, John
Emery, Leonard
Evans, George W. L.
Farnham, Horace S.
Farnham, James L.
Farnham, John
Farnham, Nelson
Farnham, Newell Richard
Fifield, Leonard
Flanders, George W.
Foss, Absalom P.
Foss, Elijah D.
Gallup, William W.
George, Charles S.
Gilman, Warren
Goodale, Ora H.
Goodwin, Julius C.
Goodwin, Nathaniel King
Green, William W.
Griffin, Joseph H. Jr.
Grow, Charles F.
Gunnison, Daniel
Hackett, George H.
Hood, Amos
Hull, George D.
Hull, William Henry
Jillson, Henry Nathaniel
Johnson, Chester J.
Jones, Philip F.
Judd, Truman S.
Laird, Robert W.
Lewis, Horace Wilson
Lincoln, Edward F.
Lord, Raymond P.
Lougee, John C.
Mann, Erastus
Marston, Chester C.
Marston, Oscar F.
Martin, Carlos Hyde
McCrillis, William A. S.
Morse, Marshall C.
Moses, Joseph
Noyes, Henry A.
Noyes, Spencer S.
Peabody, Marcus Morton
Peak, John L.
Pierce, Charles A.
Recor, Henry H.
Reed, Clark
Reed, Roswell
Richards, Linus
Rolfe, James G.
Rowell, Edgar
Sanford, James M.
Sargent, Levi
Seaver, James Templeton
Seaver, Olney F.
Simons, Orin
Slack, Franklin I.
Smith, Charles B.
Smith, Henry Harrison
Stanton, John
Stebbins, George
Tanner, Frederick H.
Thurber, Ira H.
Thurston, Joseph F.
Townsend, Daniel C.
Whitney, George Henry
Whitney, Leander
Whitney, Lewis

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.