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12th Vermont Infantry


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Company H

Andross, Leonard A.
Atkinson, William H.
Avery, Abner S.
Avery, Park
Bailey, Milo C.
Barnett, George B.
Barrett, Charles G.
Bartlett, Charles P.
Bartlett, Daniel S.
Bartlett, John M.
Bayley, George
Bean, George N. M.
Benton, Josiah H. Jr.
Brock, Thomas A.
Brown, Joel A.
Carpenter, Allen F.
Carpenter, Cyrus C.
Chamberlin, Everett
Chamberlin, Joseph A.
Chamberlin, Preston S.
Chamberlin, Remembrance Wright
Colby, George A.
Colby, Henry Bowditch
Corliss, John B.
Darling, Joseph Kimball
Darling, Walter Scott
Davis, Azro B.
Davis, Merritt A.
Dean, William Murray
Dickey, Charles
Dickey, Henry W.
Dowse, Henry
Eastman, Addison W.
Fabyan, Abbott L.
Farr, Alvan E.
Farr, Elijah
Flanders, Daniel Nason
Flanders, Ezra W.
Frary, Charles
Gage, Asa B.
Gage, Henry Perrin
Gilbert, Ira H.
Grant, Edwin R.
Greig, Thomas
Hall, Elbridge G.
Hall, Sylvester H.
Hood, Allen
Howard, Emory A.
Hubbard, Charles Lawrence
Hubbard, John H.
Johnston, Joseph C.
Kelley, James Williams
Kemp, James B.
Keyes, Edward P.
Knight, Joseph Jr.
Leonard, Sidney S.
Lufkin, Daniel M.
Manson, Charles A.
McAllister, Leonard W.
McArthur, Charles A.
McKillips, Charles T.
McKinstry, Alvin L.
McKinstry, Henry
Meserve, Robert
Morey, Daniel W.
Morris, Royal A.
Moulton, William O.
Nason, Joseph M.
Newell, James A.
Norcross, George W.
Page, Charles
Page, William Jr.
Paine, Walter B.
Peach, Jonathan Jenness
Pettis, Phineas P.
Pierce, George H.
Pillsbury, Hartwell H.
Putnam, John C.
Ricker, Isaac M.
Rogers, Nelson Josiah
Rollins, Henry Green
Smith, Clarke M.
Stebbins, Schuyler C.
Stevens, Augustus B.
Stevens, Irving W.
Stratton, Benjamin Austin
Taylor, George H.
Tewksbury, Nelson B.
Tucker, Rufus H.
Wallace, George W.
Wallace, James
Wallace, William K.
Waterman, Daniel G.
Waterman, Linus P.
White, Carlos D.
Whitman, Monroe D.
Woodward, Clark J.
Wormwood, William
Wright, Charles C.
Wright, Henry C.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.