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12th Vermont Infantry


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Company I

Adams, Charles S.
Aiken, William
Ayers, Franklin G.
Baldwin, Eri George
Ball, Curtis M.
Baraby, Michael
Barnard, John P. W.
Barry, John C.
Bell, Abraham
Blood, Austin L.
Bridges, William Jr.
Briggs, Elmore
Chamberlin, Austin E.
Coombs, Tolman T.
Corser, Guy T.
Crossett, William S.
Cunningham, Abner Jr.
Darby, Charles Cleveland
Darling, La Forrest C.
Davis, Lewis O.
Davis, Oliver W.
Dimick, George E.
Dodge, Edwin B.
Dodge, Oliver
Dunham, Chamberlin C.
Dyer, Charles
Dyer, Peter
Erving, Norman M.
Farr, Robert D.
Faulkner, David F.
Field, George
Fisher, Charles C.
Gerard, Lewis
Gilson, George Freedom
Gould, George N.
Guild, Edward Roswell
Hall, Almond
Harwood, Albert William
Hinkley, Samuel A.
Holton, Joel Huntington
Houghton, Seth S.
Howe, Lorenzo Bradley
Hunt, Charles G.
Hyde, Charles B.
Kimball, James Foster
Knight, Willard E.
Ladd, Edward N.
Locke, Lewis W.
Locke, Rush S.
Loomis, William
Lynch, William R.
Lynch, William R. Jr.
Mayo, James H.
McCarthy, Andrew John
McGuire, John H.
McQuade, John M.
McQuaid, Newell
Metcalf, Albert William
Moore, John B.
Moultrop, David C.
Moultroup, Allen
Murphy, Michael
Nichols, Moses
Nourse, Lucius W.
Oak, Byron E.
Penniman, Henry H.
Perry, Horatio H.
Phelps, Brigham Thomas
Phillips, Lucius B.
Pratt, George
Pulsipher, Franklin Elijah
Redington, Edward Dana
Rist, Lorenzo
Roundy, Carlton Humphrey
Russell, Albert W.
Saunders, Benjamin
Shipman, James P.
Simonds, John V.
Simonds, Lynds W.
Sischo, Perley D.
Smith, Elisha B.
Smith, Everett W.
Smith, Randall Jr.
Smith, Winchester
Souther, George L.
Spears, Joseph
Stearns, John W.
Stodder, Henry C.
Tarbell, Erastus B.
Thomas, Stillman A.
Warner, Frank
Wetherbee, Enoch W.
Wheeler, Henry A.
Whitney, George H.
Wier, Octavius P.
Wilder, Allen J.
Wilder, Lemon A.
Wilder, Levi W.
Williston, Christopher Lincoln
Witherell, George T.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.