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12th Vermont Infantry


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Company K

Barney, Horace
Barrett, Charles
Bateman, Charles P.
Birdsall, Tyler Fontain
Bissell, Allen B.
Bixby, Jacob M.
Bourasso, Napoleon
Bradley, Joshua H.
Burnett, Abram B.
Button, William Harvey
Cady, Frederick F.
Campbell, Willard B.
Capron, Henry L.
Cheney, Henry W.
Chittenden, Daniel E.
Claghorn, Charles A.
Clark, Ezra
Clark, Martin Christopher
Clifford, Sylvester H.
Clifford, Thomas
Connors, William
Constantine, John
Coppins, Edward
Davis, George E.
Davis, James Harvey
Davis, William H.
Dyer, James Henry
Edson, Albert W
Edson, Melvin C.
Felt, William W.
Field, Albert W.
Field, Reuben A.
Fredette, John
Frink, Joel S.
Fuller, Augustus R.
Fuller, Julius
Gee, Frederick
Gleason, Daniel M.
Gleason, William Halsey
Goslin, Martin
Gould, Daniel L.
Gould, Hannibal L.
Granger, Charles H.
Griggs, George Henry
Hardy, James
Harkness, William E.
Hathorn, Christopher A.
Haynes, Delett B.
Hemenway, Lewis Hunt
Huntoon, Charles F.
Jackson, Edward Charles
Jackson, Warren C.
Jackson, William Henry
Kennedy, Michael
Kingsley, Levi Gleason
Landon, Walter C.
Leach, Moses W.
Lee, Harrison Henry
Loiselle, Philip
Lyman, Milo
Lyston, Edward T.
Lyston, John D.
Mailhiot, Joseph Peter
Mason, Charles L.
McClure, Lyman A.
Mead, John Abner
Moore, Justus Gardner
Moore, Thomas A. E.
Mussey, William A.
Nelson, Edgar S.
Oney, William
Parker, Anthony
Patch, John Henry
Persons, Larnard L.
Phalen, James
Plummer, Charles
Powers, Charles J.
Ray, George H.
Reynolds, Thomas E.
Ripley, Charles Henry
Rock, William
Ross, Aldis De Luce
Rounds, Edgar M.
Rounds, Ruel
Shaw, William B.
Sherry, Michael
Sherry, Samuel
Slattery, Matthew
Smith, Willard M.
Southard, Theodore
Spaulding, Charles R.
Spawn, Addison W.
Staley, Stephen G.
Thrall, Reuben Roland
Tower, Emmet Mason
Tower, Henry C.
Wardwell, Myron H.
Waterhouse, Charles
Wilkins, George A.
Wilson, John
Winter, Parker Nelson

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.