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12th Vermont Infantry


Army Life in Virginia

1862/10/0412th Regiment mustered into U. S. service. (Dyer)
1862/10/04George Benedict, 12th Regiment: 'yesterday afternoon was rendered memorable by our first knapsack drill. The orders were for a review of the regiment, fully equipped, with knapsacks packed. The overcoat was accordingly folded and placed within the knapsack; the change of underclothing, socks, etc., ditto; and the woolen blankets rolled tightly within the rubber blanket and then strapped on the top. The whole concern, with the straps, weighs on an average about thirty-five pounds, and there goes science, let me tell you, to the production of a skillfully packed knapsack.' (Army Life)
1862/10/05George Benedict, 12th Regiment: 'the review by Gov. Holbrook and inspection yesterday, was not as tedious as we expected. One man of our company fainted and two or three fell out before it was over; but most of the men agreed that it was on the whole an easier job than that of the day before.' (Army Life)
1862/10/0712th Regiment departed Brattleboro for Washington, arriving October 10. (Dyer)
1862/10/10George Benedict, 12th Regiment, on the arrival of the regiment in Washington: The behavior of the regiment throughout the whole journey, elicited expressions of surprise and praise from the railroad and steamboat men and the citizens of every place at which we stopped. One of the managers of the Relief Association at Philadelphia said to me: "We have a good many regiments through here-thirteen this week, and on an average two regiments a day, now-a-days-and I think I have never seen a regiment of a thousand such universally well-behaved, orderly and gentlemanly men." (Army Life)
1862/10/1012th Regiment in camp on East Capitol Hill, Washington, until October 30. (Dyer)
1862/10/12George Benedict, 12th Regiment, on visitors to camp: 'We have already been visited by many of our friends of other regiments-by Quartermaster Dewey, Capt. Erhardt, Sergeant Morse and other of the First Vt. Cavalry, whose camp is across the river; by several from the Eleventh Vt., which is in camp about four miles away, by Lieut. Carey, of the 13th Mass., which fine regiment, once of 1100 men, has now 700 in hospital, sick and wounded, and is reduced by losses (in battle mainly) to 191 effective men; by Lieut. "Willie" Root, of the 22d Conn., which was in camp close by us yesterday, but to-day has struck tents and moved away to Chain Bridge; and by others, whose brown and hearty faces it was pleasant to see.' (Army Life)
1862/10/14George Benedict, 12th Regiment: 'We are for the present attached to Gen. Casey's Division of the Reserved Army Corps for the Defence of Washington, and it is the general impression among the men that we may remain here for some weeks.' (Army Life)
1862/10/3112th Regiment at Camp Vt., near Hunting Creek, until December 12. (Dyer)
1862/10/3112th Regiment moved from Munson's Hill to Hunting Creek. (Dyer)
1862/11/08George Benedict, 12th Regiment: 'Nearly half the regiment is off on "fatigue duty" to-day. This, it seems, is the military term for the process which is said to be McClellan's forte. In common English it is called digging.' (Army Life)
1862/12/06George Benedict, 12th Regiment: 'The Thanksgiving dinner of the officers' mess of Company C came off to-day, and was a highly select and recherché affair.' (Army Life)
1862/12/1212th Regiment on picket duty near Fairfax Court House until January 20. (Dyer)
1862/12/2912th Regiment defending Fairfax Court House from attack by Stuart's cavalry. (Dyer)
1863/01/2012th Regiment on duty at Wolf Run Shoals until May 1. (Dyer)
1863/02/07George Benedict, 12th Regiment: 'Our camp is on a knoll from which the men have cleared the pine trees. It is much narrower in its limits than our former fine camp near Fairfax, and it is less attractive in almost every particular.' (Army Life)
1863/05/0112th Regiment guarding the railroad at Warrenton Junction until May 7. (Dyer)
1863/05/0712th Regiment at Rappahannock Station until May 18. (Dyer)
1863/05/1812th Regiment at Bristoe and Catlett's Stations until June 1. (Dyer)
1863/06/0112th Regiment at Union Mills, until June 25. (Dyer)
1863/06/252nd Brigade, bringing up the rear of the Army of the Potomac, started a march to Gettysburg. (Dyer)
1863/07/0112th Regiment detached to Westminster, MD, as train guard until July 4. (Dyer)
1863/07/0412th Regiment assigned to take prisoners to Baltimore, arriving July 6. (Dyer)
1863/07/0912th Regiment departed Baltimore for Brattleboro. (Dyer)
1863/07/1412th Regiment mustered out at Brattleboro, having lost by disease 2 Officers and 65 Enlisted men. Total 67. (Dyer)
1942/06/30William Henry Jackson, Co. K, 12th Vt. Inf., died in New York City. (Last Vets)