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13th Vermont Infantry

Photographs from Regimental History

Company A

Not all wartime photos are in uniform; the undated photos are also a mixture of uniforms and civilian attire.

Alexander, T C

Ashburn, C H (1887)

Atherton, A C

Ballou, W H

Bancroft, C E

Barnes, F J (1862)

Barnes, F J (1897)

Bates, O

Beede, C H (1862)

Beede, C H (1906)

Beede, H C

Benjamin, R P (1862)

Benjamin, R P (1895)

Blanchard, G W (1862)

Blanchard, G W (1880)

Blanchard, W L (1861)

Blanchard, W L (1907)

Boutwell, C (1877)

Bradford, I

Brink, C W (1899)

Burrell, A J (1862)

Burrell, A J (1904)

Campbell, J (1865)

Campbell, J (1907)

Carpenter, M P (1906)

Carpenter, O (1862)

Carpenter, O (1907)

Carr, D G

Cave, J B (1890)

Cree, E (1862)

Cree, E (1885)

Daniels, W (1862)

Daniels, W (1892)

Davis, G H (1865)

Davis, I K (1890)

Demerit, J H

Dewey, P J (1862)

Dewey, P J (1906)

Dodge, W W (1862)

Dodge, W W (1893)

Dow, H A

Farwell, J G (1906)

Fisher, A L (1862)

Fisher, A L (1897)

Flanders, J P (1880)

French, D N

French, M E (1862)

French, M E (1905)

Gale, F M (1863)

Gale, F M (1906)

Goodwin, W W (1872)

Gray, M E (1862)

Gray, M K (1906)

Griswold, H H (1863)

Griswold, H H (1875)

Guptil, C C

Guptil, I B

Holden, W H (1862)

Holden, W H (1906)

Howard, C

Hoyt, F

Humphrey, C O

Hutchinson, J (1862)

Hutchinson, J (1906)

Jangraw, F (1875)

Johnson, N (1885)

Jones, D B (1862)

Jones, D B (1884)

Jones, E

Jones, J

Kellogg, J D (1861)

Kellogg, J D (1886)

Kneeland, H P (1862)

Kneeland, H P (1906)

Ladd, J W

Langdon, J B (1880)

Laviolette, E (1877)

Lawrence, M B

Lemwin, G E

Marr, H J (1908

Marshall, J W

Mitchell, D (1864)

Mitchell, D (1907)

Morris, F (1862)

Morris, F (1907)

Noyes, W (1866)

Noyes, W (1895)

Peck, A D (1862)

Peck, A D (1907)

Peck, G A (1862)

Peck, G A (1892)

Peck, J S

Perry, C H (1862)

Perry, C H (1898)

Perry, L

Piper, W F (1865)

Piper, W F (1907)

Prentiss, S F

Prescott, L

Putnam, C (1906)

Riddall, W H (1862)

Riddall, W H (1895)

Rowell, A

Searles, C W

Searles, C W (1906)

Searles, right

Seaver, C E (1880)

Seaver, C H

Smith, H D

Smith, H F (1862)

Smith, H F (1906)

Smith, W C (1862)

Smith, W C (1906)

Smith, W D (1896)

Stone, O A

Swazey, C D

Thatcher, J M

Thompson, A B

Vanorman, J J (1862)

Vanorman, J J (1866

Varney, C C (1862)

Varney, C C (1864)

Welch, J, right (1862)

Welch, J (1886)

West, S G

Whitney, H T

Whitney, S E

Whitney, W H H

Wood, A P (1863)

Wood, A P (1907)

Worcester, W A

Wright, B N (1860)

Wright, P C (1862)

Wright, P C (1899)