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13th Vermont Infantry

Group Photographs

Small Groups

The senior officers of the regiment in a portrait pose, including Colonel Randall, Lieut. Col. Andrew C. Brown, Major Lawrence D. Clark, Surgeon George Nichols, Adjutant James S. Peck, and Quartermaster Nelson A. Taylor. The photo has been added to each of their records.

The five original sergeants of Co. D, in 1862, including Marquis F. Marrs, Julius F. Densmore, Henry O. Clark, George Stevens, and William L. Blake Again, the photo has been added to each of their records

Reunions, etc.

Dedication of 13th Vermont Monument at Gettysburg, October 19, 1899

11th Annual?? Regimental Reunion, Nantucket, Mass., August 17. 1904

13th Annual Regimental Reunion, Colchester, Vermont, July 3, 1906

15th Annual?? Regimental Reunion, Gettysburg, Pa., October 16, 1908