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13th Vermont Infantry

Scenic photographs from the regimental history.

Camp Vermont, near Alexandria, VA., 1904.

The Old Spring, Camp Vermont, 1904.

Fort Lyon near Alexandria, VA., 1904.

House where Brig. General Edwin H. Stoughton was Captured

March 9, 1863. Faifax Court House, VA.

The Old Jail, Fairfax Court House, VA. 1904.

Court House Square and Street, Fairfax Court House, VA. 1904.

Camp Wolf Run Shoals, Winter of 1863

Cadori House on Emmitsburg Road

Gettysburg Battlefield as it appeared on Oct. 14, 1904.

Camp of Co. A, Wolf Run Shoals, VA., 1863

Ford's Old Mill at Wolf Run Shoals, Va.

Near the home camp of the 13th regiment in January, February and March, 1863. Taken in February 1863.

The Old Mill, Occoquan, VA., 1863. Near Camp Widow Violet.

(14th Vt. Vol. on the left, 16th Vt. Vol. in the center, 31th Vt. Vol. on the right.

General Hancock wounded ans assisted from horse to the ground; see group of aides and horses.

Flank attack of Gen. Stannard's Brigade, Gettysburg, July 3, 1863, on Gen. Pickett's advancing columns.

Mansion House where Chaplain Rev. Joseph Sergeant Died.

Camp Carusi, VT. [sic]

Camp Widow Violet in 1904.

Rogers House SE on Emmitsburg Road, 1904.
On this field the gallant charge was made by the 13th
Regiment to retake captured cannon and prisoners, July 1863.

Court House, Fairfax Court House, VA., October 14, 1904.

Bronze Status of Genral G. K. Warren on Little Round Top, Gettysburg, PA., Taken in 1904.
Group: John Lyon and daughter, Col. Henry O. Clark, Charles Harmon, Mrs. Carmi L. Marsh, M. Perley, Mrs. Burleson, Carmie L. Marsh

Showing the field where the Second Brigade under command of General George J. Stannard made their brilliant and gallant charge against General George E. Pickett's right flank, July 3rd, 1863, securing victory, glory and renown.