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13th Vermont Infantry


Wolf Run Shoals Va March 18th 1863

To Kate and George

                     I recieved [sic] your 
letter in due time and will now try and
answer it   guess you would laugh to look
in and see me perched up on the bed writing
P? is filing away at a bone Church and Hubbard 
are talking about one thing and an other have 
just lit the candle   had some buding ?  and
sugar for supper  we swap soap for meat   Is not
much news to write   suppose you have heard
about the rebs stealing our Gen   they are 
getting awful saucy   they come most every
night and take some of our pickets   they take
the Cavalry   it is the horses they are after
they took 4 from a post next to where I
was on last Friday night   I believe all the 
inhabitants around here are rebs   our Col says
he will hang the first one he catches aiding
the rebels in any way whatever   Well G
what do you think about the draft   guess
it will take a fellow about your heft ?   if I
was there   would not / draft me for three
years   bet high on that


Guess there still will be some Scratching
about the first of april   suppose we shall meet
you fellows near NY going to Dixe
We had a funny thunder shower it comenced [sic]
about 2 PM to thunder & lighting [sic] and
soon comenced [sic] to snow and while the snow
was flying and whirling below the thunder 
and lighting [sic] was having a time all by themselvs
in the heavens above   it kept on untill [sic] late
in the night and in the morning we had
a nice lot of snow but nary a drop of 
rain   it is warm and nice now no snow
but plenty of mud
Kate you wanted me to send you a ring
it is not a very good one am not mush of
a hand to make ring   if you don't like it 
give it to some ?french? girl   you spoke
about (P S [orL?]) who does that stand for   Ann
McCarty say;)   Should not wonder if we
got up some morning and found oursefs
all prisoners But guess I will dry ?  up
This leaves us all well hope it will find you
the same   am glad to hear that G is well
again   how is Ida   suppose she is most a
woman    but I must close as it nearly
roll call time Co K    I have got a concern so
when I get wound I can hitch it on and stop
the blood    the Government furnises [sic] them for
                  Good night Writ soon

To G. K. Ida

From the holdings of Olin Library, Kenyon College
Gambier, OH 43022

Transcribed and contributed by: Jami Peelle
Special Collections Librarian