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13th Vermont Infantry

13th Infantry Reunions

1st15 Jun 1888Custer House, Underhill
2nd12 Jun 1889Cambridge
3rd18 Jun 1890Essex
4th17 Jun 1891Waterbury
5th15 Jun 1892Montpelier
6th22-23 Jun 1893Northfield
7th7 Jun 1894Enosburgh
8th18 Jun 1895Barre
9th2 Jul 1896Underhill
10th1 Jul 1897Swanton
11th29 Jun 1899Essex Junction
12th25 Jun 1900Northfield
13th19 Jun 1901Burlington
14th11 Jun 1902Montpelier
14th9 Jul 1903Swanton
15th1 Jul 1904Morrisville
18th3 Jul 1906Colchester

Other events:

19 Oct 1899, Gettysburg, Dedication of 13th Regiment Monument
9 Oct 1902, Washington, D.C., National Encampment of GAR, 41 members of the regiment returned to old camp grounds from 39 years previous.
6 Sep 1909, Milton, Dedication of Soldiers' Monument