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13th Vermont Infantry


1862/10/1013th Regiment mustered into U. S. service. (Dyer)
1862/12/25Ralph Sturtevant, 13th Regiment, in camp at Fairfax Court House: 'our regiment spent Christmas in camp and no duty. We thought of home and knew that many a stocking would not be found in its accustomed place, and the usual Christmas dinners and parties likely in many homes would be omitted because of fathers and sons in the army. I recall our cooks made extra efforts to have something nice for dinner on this Christmas day. We had pork and beans that had been roasted and baked all night in a bed of coals hot for dinner, boiled rice with good sale molasses or muscavade sugar, old government Java coffee, nice hard tack, (worms all shook out), sweet potatoes and corned beef, and all this cooked in good shape. We thought it a dinner fit for a king and all were merry.' (Sturtevant, 103)
1863/02/20Edward Fisk, 13th Regiment: 'I went on picket. Was stationed at what we call 'Sally Davis's Ford,' about two miles down the Occoquan from our camp. This is an important post and there are some twenty men to guard it, though there is not much danger of any one crossing the river to-day as the water is nearly bank high owing to heavy rains. It is a pleasant day, but cold--almost like a bright winter day in Vt..' (Fisk)
1863/06/252nd Brigade, bringing up the rear of the Army of the Potomac, started a march to Gettysburg. (Dyer)
1863/07/02Captain John Lonergan, Co. A, 13th VVI, was awarded the Medal of Honor for action on this date. (more)
1863/07/2113th Regiment mustered out at Brattleboro, having lost during service 1 Officer and 16 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 4 Officers and 55 Enlisted men by disease. Total 76. (Dyer)
1940/01/22George A. Peck, Co. I, 13th Vt. Inf., died in Montpelier, VT (Last Vets)