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14th Vermont Infantry


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Company A

Albro, Charles
Allen, Edwin
Allen, Melvin J.
Armstrong, Martin V. B.
Atwood, Albert P.
Atwood, James M.
Barney, Martin F.
Benjamin, Reuben
Bigsby, Edgar
Blaco, Joseph E.
Blanchard, Merritt
Booth, Charles A.
Burrington, William
Burt, Henry S.
Carrigan, Michael
Casey, Philip
Collson, Freeman Sykes
Comar, Obediah S.
Como, William
Crawford, Isaac
Day, Almon F.
Dignam, John
Doty, Fayette
Downs, Henry W.
Dunn, Albert
Fairbrother, Frank
Field, George H.
Fradenburg, George W.
Fradenburgh, Peter
Gage, Alonzo
Gates, Charles H.
Gore, Ransom O.
Grace, James A.
Granger, Eleazer F.
Griffin, Patrick
Haley, Josiah
Haley, Nelson
Haley, Zarah P.
Harwood, George H.
Hathaway, Edward Payson
Haynes, William
Henry, Horace C.
Hicks, George
Houghton, Harlan
Houghton, Richard Myron
Jacobs, Edward A.
Jepson, Lorenzo D. Jr.
Johnson, William
Keeley, Frederick
Knapp, Moses Henry
Mallory, Albert M.
Manley, Edward S.
Moon, Silas
Moore, Frederick K.
Moore, William
Morrison, Francis
Moulton, Benjamin J.
Neal, Henry
North, Elihu
North, James Albert
Norton, Albert A.
Norton, Samuel B.
O'Brien, Andrew
O'Connor, John
O'Neil, Edward
Paddock, Zachariah
Patchin, Albert G.
Peckham, Braddock
Plumb, Edward A.
Potter, Burton W.
Proud, Austin M.
Ray, Frederick Charles
Reay, William
Reinhard, Jacob
Richmond, Lucius C.
Robertson, William H.
Rudd, Dwight H.
Rudd, Ira W.
Rudd, Merritt F.
Russell, George W.
Russell, Joseph
Sibley, Charles Henry
Smith, John
Stockwell, Albert T.
Stratton, Henry C.
Sweet, Elisha
Taylor, Jesse G.
Thayer, Edward N.
Thompson, Leander D.
Townsend, Benjamin
Tyler, Alvin R.
Wallen, Albert
Walsh, John
Wells, William H.
White, Horace Fay
Woodward, Rogers Oliver

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.