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14th Vermont Infantry


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Company E

Abbey, Otis
Abbott, George Washington
Adams, Daniel W.
Atwood, Orlando F.
Beaudoin, Charles
Blazo, George W. D.
Boardman, Henry J.
Boardman, Joel D.
Boies, Manley L.
Brown, David Justus
Brown, Henry R.
Brunelle, John
Brush, Cyrus
Bruya, Charles
Bruya, Francis
Bump, Morris C.
Child, Andrew Jackson
Clark, Chauncey L.
Cobb, William B.
Cogswell, Luman H.
Cotton, Ira F.
Counter, Gilbert
Cudworth, Irwin C.
Demar, John
Dickinson, Clay N.
Donnally, John W.
Dutton, Thomas J.
Elmer, Chester S.
Farrell, James
Fiske, Edgar H.
Fontaine, Joseph Alphonse
Forbes, Lancey W.
Galvin, William E.
Garfield, George E.
Goodrich, Henry C.
Grant, Cornelius
Greenleaf, Charles W.
Haley, James
Haley, Jeremiah F.
Hodges, John
Hodges, William
Huntington, George E.
Kelsey, Thaddeus E.
Kelsey, Volney C.
Kendrick, Milo C.
Kilbourn, Daniel N.
Kingsley, John W.
Lawrence, Joseph W.
Lee, Ashbill M.
Maheu, John Sifroid
Marion, Joseph
Mayhew, Alexis
McCue, John
McGoldrick, Charles
McSorley, James
McWhirter, James H.
McWhirter, Samuel
Merrill, Solomon P. Jr.
Morse, Jeremiah
Mullen, Edward
Mulligan, Patrick
Needham, Henry B.
Needham, Leroy J.
Nichols, Charles C.
Olmstead, Allen D.
Olmsted, Edgar J.
Olmsted, Walter H.
Padie, Perlin
Palardy, Alphonse
Peck, Austin
Perry, Hiram Riley
Powell, Henry T.
Rice, Henry C.
Rich, Edwin
Robbins, George B.
Ross, Chester W.
Saint Mary, Lewis
Sherman, Nathan P.
Smith, Charles Carroll
Spencer, Nathaniel Jr.
Stapleton, Thomas
Stickney, John Q.
Sturtevant, Wesley C.
Sumner, Square
Taylor, Henry
Thomas, Walter J.
Tyler, Hiram
Warner, Martin Leroy
Waterhouse, Frederick A.
White, Pliny F.
Whitman, Briggs N.
Whitney, James Wallace
Wilcox, Truman
Williamson, Alvin M.
Williamson, Harvey
Wilson, William H.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.