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14th Vermont Infantry


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Company H

Allen, Luzerne
Allen, Nye J.
Archer, Lucian J.
Austin, Anthony
Bailey, Eben Jr.
Baird, Lester L.
Barber, Lawson E.
Barrett, Henry
Bassett, Albert Leroy
Bates, B. Walker
Bates, Oren W.
Boore, John Thomas
Botchford, William D.
Brown, George
Callahan, Thomas
Chase, Sylvester S.
Cheney, Spencer C.
Churchill, Wilson B.
Clark, Alanda W.
Clowrey, Michael
Collins, Rolla W.
Colton, Henry F.
Conlin, John
Conway, Daniel
Cook, Orin B.
Crowley, Frederick W.
Davis, James
Doty, Charles L.
Doubleday, William O.
Dunton, Walter Chipman
Durkee, Martin H.
Earle, Henry Harrison
Eggleston, John F.
Ellis, Amos
Ellis, Charles W.
Farmer, Edward L.
Fisk, James Monroe
Fletcher, Albert W.
Freeman, Wilber F.
Fuller, Asa T.
Fuller, Nathan J.
Gates, Isaac
Gleason, John L.
Grooms, Franklin B.
Hadley, John F.
Hale, Charles E.
Hanley, Archibald
Hanley, Gilbert
Hendry, Thomas
Hinckley, Aaron
Hinckley, William W.
Hurley, John
Ives, Morton A.
Jewell, Calvin B.
Johnson, Franklin
Johnson, John B.
Kinsman, Henry Parker
Knight, Silas
Mahon, John
Manley, Alfred
Manley, Lauriston E.
Martyn, Henry C.
McGann, John
McManus, John
Morgan, Arthur E.
Murray, George M.
Nash, Francis
Nims, Supply
Noyes, Albert
Petty, Charles W.
Priest, Nathan
Reynolds, Marvin
Rice, George G.
Rice, Phineas Riley
Russell, Cyrus
Sargent, John H.
Sargent, Leroy J.
Sawyer, Simon Fobes
Shannon, Robert
Shedd, Charles Wesley
Shedd, Joseph F.
Sheldon, Harley G.
Sherwin, Harlan P.
Smith, Thomas E.
Snow, Carlos E.
Stocker, George A.
Stone, Horace P.
Taylor, Josiah C.
Theisen, Peter
Turner, John P.
Wetmore, James E.
White, Enoch E.
White, Stillman C.
Williams, Harry O.
Winter, Jonathan C.
Winter, Wilson R.
Yaw, Simeon D.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.