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14th Vermont Infantry


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Company I

Agin, Thomas
Alger, David L.
Allen, Henry B.
Allen, Obadiah W.
Allen, Solomon Theophilus
Armel, Frank
Baldwin, Charles E.
Ball, Henry J.
Barton, Francis
Barton, Gilbert J.
Barton, Jacob Varney
Barton, William Powell
Beach, Charles Edmund
Berges, Peter
Bessette, Joseph
Bishop, Hiram
Brown, Daniel Bryant
Brown, John W.
Butler, Isaac
Cady, William Lucien
Capen, Nathan Sidney
Clark, George A.
Clark, Myron A.
Claxton, William
Converse, John Rollin
Coyne, Joseph
Dalliston, James W.
Dayton, Albion
Delamater, Horace N.
Dickerman, Lyman York
Diggles, Samuel Whaley
Dishnow, Antoine
Drum, Henry
Finnegan, Patrick
Fusha, John
Gregory, James
Guillett, Joseph
Hall, Eli F.
Hamilton, William Harrison
Hill, Frank R.
Hitchcock, Charles H.
Holcomb, Girard
Holley, Nathan Jr.
Huestis, Henry B.
Hyde, Heman A.
Jackman, Henry S.
Jacobs, Alva Chilson
Jacobs, Uriah D.
Jacobs, William Chase
January, Edward
Kellogg, Wesley
King, Frank
Knowles, John H.
Labore, William S.
Laptad, Peter
Lincoln, William
Merrill, William H.
Middlebrook, Theophilus Carter
Miller, Henry
Miller, Joseph
Morehouse, Morrill Benjamin
Moulton, Fordyce M.
Norton, Abel L.
Page, Samuel Smith
Patno, Frank
Pecue, Edward
Pecue, Henry
Pecue, Joseph
Perry, Hiram
Prindle, Gideon Dean
Rhoades, William
Riley, Charles
Rollin, David E.
Root, Alonzo E.
Southard, Sidney M.
Sprigg, Charles
Strong, John A.
Taggart, Benjamin H.
Talbot, William D.
Tambling, Thomas
Tatro, Edward
Tucker, Otis T.
Washburn, James
Washburn, James
Webster, Simon C.
Whittier, John James
Williams, Milo A.
Williams, Myron
Wright, David
Wright, Guy N.
Yattaw, Christopher C.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.