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14th Vermont Infantry

Diary Of William Barney Griffith
Officer's Servant to the 14th Vermont Volunteers
Danby, Rutland County, Vermont

Edited by Thomas Risdon Baine

The 1862-1863 diary of Wm. Barney Griffith as he left home to be a Captains Clerk. Too young for service, he was born Jan. 26, 1846 and was 16 years old at the beginning of the diary.

The pocket Diary is oil cloth covered and measures 4 1/2 inches by 3 inches, It has 20 pages of text and 6 pages of ledger entries. All entries are made in pencil. There is a small pocket on the back cover of the booklet that held two passes issued to Wm Griffith dated Jan 12 and Jan 22 1863. On the back of one of the passes it explains that Griffith is an "officer's servant not an enlisted man" The text of the passes are included.

[The booklet starts with the recording of several transactions of boxes of pepper.]

Wednesday, 22nd Oct. (1862)

Left Danby for Brattleboro - arrived there about 2 o'clock - soldiers gone went off after them - caught up with them at Springfield, Mass. at about 9 o'clock PM then started for New Haven town.

Thursday, Oct. 23rd (1862) - Arrived at New Haven at 1 o'clock AM Took steam boat for New York - arrived there about 10 o'clock AM Started for Port Monmouth at 3 o'clock PM - arrived there at about 8 o'clock PM Started from there at 10 o'clock AM Here we had a first rate Breakfast

Friday, Oct. 24th (1862)- After leaving Philadelphia, we arrived at Baltimore at 7 o'clock PM - here we took supper and the started for Washington - rode all night and at Washington at 10 o'clock AM

Saturday, Oct. 25, (1862) - From Washington we marched across the long bridge up to camp chase on Arlington Heights at which place we are now encamped.

Sunday Oct. 26 - Nothing of any importance transpired today

Monday Oct. 27 - Today the 15th Vt. arrived and went into camp. This evening Uncle (Sereuss) came here with Silias and I went home with him

Tuesday Oct. 28 - This morning Uncle and I went back to Camp Chase at 2 o'clock PM - we shouldered knapsacks and marched back to Washington and are now encamped on Capitol Hill,

Wednesday Oct. 29 - This morning everything is busy. I saw 3 or 4 Field Bateries marching from one place to another. They have been saluting each other for about an hour now.and have stoped firing now - we hear nothing but now and then a heavy gun practicing the boys say.

Thursday Oct. 30 - This morning we recieved orders to march and started from Capitol Hill about 10 o'clock AM marched about a mile beyond our former place of encampment - we are one mile nearer Mendes than we was before being about 4 miles from his house.

Friday Oct. 31 - Nothing of any importance today

Saturday Nov. 1 - Sent a letter to father this Morning. This afternoon the 12th and 13th Regts left for parts unknown.

Sunday Nov. 2nd - Nothing of importance occurred today

Monday Nov. 3rd - Today we moved to Camp Vermont two miles south of Alexandria.

Tuesday Nov. 4th - Nothing today

Wednesday Nov. 5th - Nothing today

Thursday Nov. 6th Nothing today

Friday Nov. 7th - Today the boys changed their old guns for Austrian rifles and today I wrote a letter to Fred Harrington and one to Ivy Marie Barney

Saturday Nov. 8th - Nothing today

Sunday Nov. 9th - Nothing today

Monday Nov. 10th - Warm and Pleasant

Tuesday Nov. 11th - A little cloudy

Wednesday Nov. 12th - Warm but cloudy

Thursday Nov. 13th - Today Martin Smith had to march before the regiment at Dress Parade for stealing money from Black

Friday Nov. 14th - Nothing today - Warm and pleasant

Saturday Nov. 15th - Today I went to Alexandria and had 6 photographs taken and paid $1.50 for them. First time I have ever been there. Warm and pleasant

Sunday Nov. 16th - Cloudy

Monday Nov. 17th - Today we dug ditches for the barracks - Cloudy with rain

Tuesday Nov. 18th - Today it is rany and getting to be a little windy

Wednesday Nov. 19th - Today I write a letter to Silias - Cold and Rainy

Thursday Nov. 20th - Half our Co out on picket duty - first time they have been out - clod and rainy

Friday Nov. 21st Today I recieved a letter from mother & today the pickets from our regiment returned to camp - cold and cloudy

Saturday Nov. 22nd - This morning one of the Privates of Co.H died this morning - Clear and cold

Sunday Nov. 23rd - Pleasant and somewhat cold

Monday Nov. 24th - Wrote to Chris today and sent home 4 photographs - Clear and cold

Tuesday Nov. 25th - Clear and somewhat cold this evening - The brigade received marching orders and started off about 8 o'clock . They don't know where they are bound for.

Wednesday, Nov. 26th Today - stay back at camp - do not know where the 14th is - Clear and cold

Thursday Nov. 27th - Our regiment marched to Fairfax Station today - we will go tomorrow - Clear and cold

Friday, Nov. 28th - Today I went to Alexandria to take cars for Fairfax but will now start till tomorrow - Clear and cold

Saturday, Nov.. 25th This morning we left Camp Vermont for Alexandria and took the cars to Fairfax Station at which place we are now encamped for tonight - Clear and Cold

Sunday, Nov. 30th - We got started to go up to where our regt is stationed but something turned up so we did not go. Cold and somewhat cloudy


Monday, Dec. 1st - This day nothing of any importance occurred - Cold and Cloudy

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd - this morning I and Hubert started for the regiment and after traveling about seven miles found them encamped in the woods and doing picket duty - weighed myself this morning and weighed 136 #

Wednesday dec. 3rd. - Today Co. B went off on picket duty. This evening the regiment was ordered to fall in for some account or other - Warm and pleasant

Thursday Dec. 4th - Thanksgiving day in Vermont- - Co. A ___ has returned from picket. we are ordered to Camp Vermont tomorrow. The name of the camp we are now in is "Camp near Wolfe's Ford"

Friday Dec. 5th This morning we left camp near Wolfe's Ford for Fairfax Station from which place we took the cars for "Camp Vermont" - great snow storms - snow 3 inches deep

Saturday - Dec. 6, - Our regiment has all arrived and now pitching their tents - Weather very cold

Sunday -Dec. 7th - Froze very hard last night Today the weather is very cold - the wind is sharp and piercing.

Monday, Dec. 8, - nothing of any importance today - Weather very cold - Write to Marie Barney this evening

Tuesday , Dec. 9th - Weather is very cold

Wednesday, Dec. 10th - Mild and pleasant

Thursday, Dec. 11 - This evening I had a letter from Father, Mother & Marie. We are under marching orders - do not know where we are going but suppose to Centreville to night wrote a letter to Father.

Friday ,Dec. 12th - This morning we left Camp Vermont for Fairfax C.H. Arrived there about 4 o'clock P.M. and are now encamped in a grove just north of Fairfax C.H.

Saturday, Dec.. 13th - this morning I wrote to Silias and this afternoon we struck our tents and marched half a mile south west of Fairfax C. H.

Sunday Dec. 14th - Today the weather was very pleasant I received 6 papers from Silias this evening

Monday Dec. 15th - Today I had my boots taped for which I paid $1.10

Tuesday December 16th Today we commenced cutting timber for our barracks & this evening I received 3 papers from Silias

Wednesday Dec. 17th - Weather pleasant but somewhat cold

Thursday Dec. 18th - Nothing of any importance today - only a letter from Silias

Friday Dec. 20 - Today we moved into our new tent

Saturday Dec. 21 - Nothing today

Wednesday, December 22 - Nothing today - Weather is very pleasant.

Tuesday December 23 Nothing today - Weather very pleasant

Wednesday Dec. 24th - Today our Regt. went out to Centerville to do picket duty - Weather pleasant

Thursday Dec. 25 - Today there is no news Weather very pleasant

Friday, Dec. 26th - Today I was rather sick - will have the doctor come and see me tomorrow. - Weather is very pleasant.

Saturday, Dec. 27th - Today I had Dr. Jones come and see me. he gave me a dose of Physic and said that I had the symptom of typhoid fever - Weather pleasant

Sunday Dec. 28th - This afternoon our regiment came in from picket. As soon as they arrived they were ordered to be got in readiness to march anytime tonight and tomorrow within five minutes notice. This evening about 6 o'clock the regiment was ordered to fall in and are now over to the C.H. too with the 12 13 16 regts Vt. Vols. Just now we received news that we had a skirmish with some rebel Cavalry and that we drove them. Captain Thompson paid me five dollars this morning..

Dec 28th - Nothing today

Dec. 29th - Nothing today

Dec. 30th - Weather very pleasant

Dec. 31st - Weather somewhat cloudy

January 1st 1863 - Nothing today

Friday, January 2nd 1863 - Weather pleasant

Saturday Jany 3rd - Weather cloudy and cold

Sunday Jan. 4th -Nothing today

Monday , Jan 5th - today Uncle Leevis came over after me and I went back to Seervensville with him.

Tuesday Jany 6th - Today Uncle and I went to Fort Ethan Allen to get me a pass for two weeks.

Wednesday Jan 7th - Today I stayed at Uncles - Weather is as cold as they have had this winter.

Thursday, Jany 8th - Nothing today - weather slightly cold

Friday Jany 9th, 1863 - Today Uncle and myself went down to Washington. Visited the Patent Office dept., Post Office dept & the Capital & house of Representatives & the Senate.

Saturday, Jany 10th - Today it is cold and rainy

Sunday, Jany 11th - Today the weather is pleasant

Monday, Jany 12th - Today Uncle and myself went to Fort Ethan Allen to get a pass for me to go to Fairfax Ct. Ho.

Tuesday, Jany 13 - today Uncle and I went to the Ct. Hou.

Wednesday - jany 14 - Today I went over on to the Chantilly Battlefield

Thursday - Jany 15th - Today the wind blows very hard and it looks like rain.

Friday Jany 16th Today it rained some. Rained very hard last night.

Saturday Jany 17th - Today the wind blew very cold, no rain.

[There follows thirty blank pages.]

Account of provisions got at the Commissary Nov. 24th

Monday, Nov. 24th 1862
I loaf of bread .05
cup of black tea
1 cup sugar---.22

Tuesday Nov.. 25th
3 loaves Bread---.15
7# Beef Steak ---.45
3 loaves bread ---.15
1 cup sugar---.23

Wednesday , Nov.. 26
1 loaf bread---.05

Thursday, Nov..27th
2 loaves of bread- - .10

Tuesday , Dec. 2nd -
1 cup sugar --.20

Saturday 6th
2 loaves Bread --.10
1 cup sugar--20

Sunday Dec.. 7th
2 Loaves Bread--.10
2 Loaves Bread--.10
1 cup sugar--.20

Monday Dec.. 8th
2 loaves Bread--.10
2 Loaves Bread--.10
1 cup sugar --.20
1 cup coffee --.25
3 candles--.15
1/10th # black tea

Tuesday Dec. 9th
2 loaves bread--.10
2# pork --.12
1 cup sugar--.20
1 cup molasses--.05

Wednesday Dec. 10th
2 loaves Bread--.10
2 loaves bread--.10

Thursday Dec 11th
5# pork--.30
2 loaves bread--.10
2 loaves bread--.10
1 cup sugar--.20
2 loaves bread--.10
2 cups sugar--.40

Sunday December 14th ( different handwriting)
1 cup sugar--.20
2 loaves bread--.10
2 candles- - .15

Monday December 15th
"don't know what" crossed out
2# Pork --.15

Tuesday December 16
1/10 # tea (blk)
1cup sugar--.20
2 loaves bread--.10
2 loaves bread--.10
2 candles- - 10
1 cup sugar--.20

Wednesday December 17th
1 cup Sugar--.20
1 cup Sugar--.20

Thursday December 18th
1 cup sugar---20
3 loaves bread--.15

Friday December 14th
2 loaves bread--10
2 # Pork--.12
2 loaves bread--.10

Saturday, December 20
4 loaves bread--.20
1 cup sugar--.20
1 cup coffee--.25

Sunday December 21
24 Hard Crackers
1 cup sugar--.20


Washington to Baltimore--40
Baltimore to Philadelphia--99
Baltimore to Havre de Grace--37 miles
to Philadelphia--52


Washington to New York---$8.25