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16th Vermont Infantry


Dr. Nathaniel Grout Brooks
Assistant Surgeon
16th Vermont Volunteers
Nathaniel Grout Brooks

Nathaniel Grout Brooks

Nathaniel Grout Brooks was born in 1838 in Acworth, New Hampshire. He read medicine with his father Doctor Lyman John Brooks in his early years and finished his studies at Dartmouth Medical College.

Nathaniel was appointed assistant surgeon in the 16th Vermont Volunteers on October 23, 1862 after graduation and traveled south during part of the Civil War. He was in Gettysburg just two weeks after the battle and stated in his diary that he lost an Orderly there. He returned north, accepted his discharge from the 16th infantry on August 10, 1863, and served, possibly as a contract Assistant Surgeon at the US General Hospital in Brattleboro Vermont until the completion of the war. After, he practiced medicine in Acworth New Hampshire until 1874. At that time he moved to Charlestown New Hampshire and continued his practice.

In his later years he became a member of the NH House of Representatives and was a New Hampshire State Senator. He was still seeing patients up until his death in 1918.

in later years.
Dr. Brooks in later years.

with family
Dr. Brooks' family.

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Information and photographs courtesy of Lyman John Brooks, Webster NH, great-grandson of Nathaniel Grout Brooks.