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17th Vermont Infantry


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Company D

Armstrong, James
Arnold, Nelson L.
Austin, George E.
Bacon, Horace A.
Beedle, Elisha T.
Beedle, Eugene T.
Belser, James
Bissett, Abram
Bissett, Joseph
Brooks, Charles W.
Buck, Erastus H.
Burns, Chester R.
Buskey, Franklin
Butterfield, Erasmus C.
Cahill, Thomas
Casavant, Oliver
Claflin, Hollis O.
Claflin, Levi D.
Clapp, Alonzo D.
Clapp, Alonzo D.
Connell, Jerry
Coon, Almon G.
Coon, William H.
Curtis, Francis
Divide, Peter
Doucette, Joseph
Dufraine, Joseph
Dunham, John
Eastman, George M.
Eastman, Willard V.
Eaton, Henry Augustus
Edwards, Benjamin
Fay, Arnold C.
Fisher, Thomas
Fisher, William H.
Foss, George Washington
Frazier, Leo
Frazier, Peter Jr.
Gammell, William T.
Getchell, Andrew J.
Gibson, Gardner W.
Gilroy, Patrick
Goff, Marshall C.
Goodspeed, Augustus
Goodspeed, Wallace
Granger, Joseph
Green, John
Hadley, Warner William
Hagan, Thomas
Hall, John
Ham, Otis
Harlow, Henry C.
Hescock, Oscar B.
Hickey, Dennis
Hills, George
Holmes, Curtis A.
Holmes, Orrin
Houston, Carter
Howard, Charles H.
Howard, Henry W.
Howard, Seaver
Howard, Thomas F.
Hurley, George I.
Hynes, John
Inman, Almeron C.
Jackson, William
Jennings, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, William
Keeler, William
Kelley, John
Kelley, John
Kimball, Benjamin F.
Larock, John
Lecompt, Jerome
Leonard, Edric D.
Lett, Thomas C.
Luce, Aurin F.
Lucia, George Henry
Maher, James
Maier, John
Martin, John
Martin, William
Marvin, Andrew J.
Mason, John
McCarthy, John
McDonald, Frank
McDonald, James
McDonald, Robert
Moore, George
Moore, John
Morton, Thomas
Nailor, Francis
Nelson, John D.
Norton, Seth (McNorton)
Owen, Charles
Pareor, James
Parker, James
Parkhurst, Austin S.
Pennock, John
Perrault, Joseph
Phillips, Amherst C.
Phillips, Reuben S.
Pierce, Worthington W.
Plastridge, Amasa
Pleud, Austin
Proof, Robert
Raymond, Antoine
Reynolds, George W.
Rich, Eustis
Rood, Charles N.
Russ, Henry J.
Russ, Stephen T.
Rye, Palmer A.
Scott, Horatio N.
Shannon, John
Sherman, Carlos C.
Slate, Henry W.
Taylor, George F.
Temple, John J.
Trow, Kendrick
Tuttle, Marvin E.
Vario, Joseph
Vosburgh, Leonard
Wallace, Royal W.
Wells, William
Willis, Don Lothrop
Young, Lewis Jr.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.