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17th Vermont Infantry


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Company E

Andrews, George Martin
Andrews, Salmon F.
Aylward, James
Bagley, Henry J.
Barrett, Cephas P.
Bates, Albert G.
Benson, Madison J.
Benson, Nelson E.
Bigelow, Charles A
Biscorner, William
Brackett, Clarence A.
Bradford, Frank N.
Burbank, William B.
Bush, Melancthon O.
Buxton, Anson
Cadue, John
Cadue, Luther
Camp, Harley W.
Camp, John A.
Campbell, Henry
Carey, Byron C.
Carson, Charles H.
Cave, James B.
Clark, Charles T.
Clark, James
Clogston, Charles Henry
Coburn, Charles H.
Collette, Joseph Jr.
Conland, Martin
Dillingham, Henry
Ellis, Warren
Emerson, Andrew A.
Emerson, Sargent R.
Fessenden, Peter
Fisk, Samuel B.
Fisk, Seymour N.
Flint, Siloam
Foster, Clark J.
French, William G.
Gill, George G.
Gilman, Charles
Gould, Charles E.
Gould, Gustavus S.
Griswold, Hugh H.
Guinan, William
Hayes, James
Hogan, Daniel
Howden, Edson W.
Howland, Arthur L.
Howland, Hezekiah D.
Howland, William H.
Hunt, George W.
Huntington, Benjamin F.
Jolivette, Eugene
Jones, Albert H.
Jones, Charles
Kelley, John
Kinsley, John
Labossier, Francis
Lamb, James C.
Lathrop, Charles D.
Lavallee, Frank
Lemwin, Rock
Marcy, Howard F.
Marshall, William
Martin, William E.
McManus, James
Miner, Francis
Moore, Truman J.
Nichols, Charles W.
Norton, Edwin W.
Noyes, Amos H.
Noyes, Charles G.
Noyes, John
O'Brien, John
Odion, Peter
Ormsbee, William H.
Palmer, William
Papineau, George
Parmenter, Frank F.
Peck, James Stevens
Peck, Melvin S.
Perry, Edwin R.
Porter, James
Rafferty, John
Randall, Francis Voltaire Jr.
Reed, Thomas P.
Robinson, George Sylvanus
Rose, John
Sands, John
Schroeder, Henry
Shattuck, George
Shaw, Daniel
Smith, George M.
Smith, Henry
Smith, John
Smith, Samuel
Snider, John
Stone, David K.
Taylor, Franklin J.
Thompson, Charles
Thompson, Thomas
Tilton, James S.
Toole, Jeremiah
Valiencort, Edward
Voodry, Adna J.
Wakefield, Henry
Wakefield, William H. H.
Watson, Charles A.
Wellsworth, Horace W.
Wilcox, Truman
Wilder, Artemas W.
Woodworth, William A.
Young, Benjamin

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.