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17th Vermont Infantry


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Company F

Allard, Edwin R.
Allard, Prosper
Allen, Alexander Gray
Allen, Pardon W.
Austin, George E.
Barry, John
Bell, Orville M.
Bliss, John P.
Bond, George J.
Boyd, Charles E.
Brainerd, Charles Deming
Bresette, Abraham
Bugbee, Willard W.
Bully, Nelson
Burt, Irving C.
Buskey, Harvey
Buskey, Jay
Campbell, Giles
Casey, Peter
Clough, Daniel Moulton
Cole, Daniel W.
Collins, Andrew J.
Collins, Levi Ward
Cormick, John
Cota, Henry
Coty, Joseph
Cross, Levi A.
Dale, John J.
Dana, Wesley Emerson
Davis, George Alfred
Day, Henry A.
Demmon, Henry B.
DeWitt, William
Downs, Charles
Drury, Warner C.
Duffey, Charles
Durant, James
Dyer, Douglass H.
Eldred, George W.
Fisk, Charles A.
Fleury De Lagorgendiere, Louis Charles Oliver
Giroux, Treffley
Griffin, Hollis B.
Haley, Major W.
Hall, George E.
Harogan, Patrick
Herbert, Henry
Hicks, George
Holbrook, James E.
Holsapple, William M.
Hopson, William Henry
Howard, John Taylor
Howe, William J.
Johnson, Albert M.
Keith, Frank
Kingsbury, George Washington
Knapp, Lyman Enos
Knapp, Preston S.
Laden, James
Loomis, Orlin W.
Lord, John H.
Madden, William S.
Manley, Edward S.
Matthew, Francis
Maxwell, Thomas S.
McFeely, Edward
McGuire, Richard
McKeever, Edward
McMonagle, Edward
McNally, William
Merchant, Albert L.
Mictivie, Francis
Moore, A. Charles
Morrison, Thomas
Mossey, Isaiah
Newton, Charles
Newton, James Holland
Norton, Samuel B.
O'Brien, Abram
O'Neill, Edward H.
Peabody, Samuel
Pecor, Lewis
Penniman, Robert L.
Prindible, Michael
Rivet, Charles
Roach, James
Russell, Michael
Salsbury, Ebenezer
Scott, Oscar Delieu
Shaffner, Addison Elliot
Sheldon, Charles Francis
Shepard, Henry
Sickara, Raymond
Simpson, Hial
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Marquis D.
Smith, Norman
Sprout, Andrew J.
St. John, Peter
St. Johns, Charles
Stannard, George D.
Strong, Lewis
Sweeny, John
Swift, George Hawkins
Symons, James B.
Taschereau, Philippe A.
Temple, James
Trefren, James
Wagner, Henry
Walker, Henry W.
Washburn, Carlos B.
Wheeler, Bradley L.
Whitney, Edward C.
Wilkes, John
Williams, Davis
Williams, Eliard
Wills, Edward S.
Wilson, John
Wrisley, Warner

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.