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17th Vermont Infantry


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Company H

Alden, Harry H.
Amsden, Alzaman Decator
Axtell, Richmond
Barnard, Oliver Chilson
Barnes, Levi N.
Baslow, Frank
Bicknell, William Edgar
Bingham, Marlow
Bowker, John
Bradley, Walter
Caswell, Willard S.
Claflin, Nathan L.
Cobb, James Wesley
Cobb, William B.
Collins, Luther M.
Converse, John Rollin
Corey, Charles W.
Corey, George H.
Daisey, Edward
Daley, Patrick
Davis, Reuben
Derby, Archibald
Deschamps, Joseph
Drew, George D. S.
Dudley, Henry M.
Dupaw, George H.
Duquette, Alfred
Dyke, Elliot C.
Fisher, Alden J.
Fisher, Willard W.
Forrest, Nelson
Fuller, Jasper Hazen
Gabaree, John
Gillespie, William M.
Gobar, Albert
Gove, George N.
Hall, Charles J.
Harris, Asa H.
Hawkins, James Carlton
Hawley, Benjamin L.
Hemenway, John L.
Hewitt, George W.
Holmes, Chauncey
Horighan, John
Hurlburt, John M.
Jacobs, Elias R.
Jacobs, Uriah D.
Jones, Ezra N.
Kenney, George W. Jr.
Lathrop, Noah
Little, Henry
Lucia, Joel Howard
Magoon, James Nelson
Magraw, John
May, Horace S.
Mercy, Frederick
Mercy, Marshall
Moody, Edwin F.
Moody, John
Mora, Henry
Nash, Joseph E.
Needham, Henry B.
Needham, Horace E.
Nelson, James
Ploof, George H.
Ploof, James
Powers, William
Prouty, Orville H.
Rose, Joseph
Ryan, Richard
Ryan, Richard
Scarborough, William T.
Shedrick, Isaac
Shortsleeves, Frederick
Simonds, William Henry
Smith, Marshall
Smith, William H.
Smith, William T.
Thompson, Frank
Thompson, Frank C.
Trombley, Joseph
Tucker, Otis T.
Tucker, Samuel S.
Varney, George W.
Weaver, Josiah J.
Westcott, Larhett
Whittier, Washington I.
Wilkinson, Melvin
Wilson, William H.
Wing, Frank L.
Wood, Hiram J.
York, George W.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.