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17th Vermont Infantry


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Company K

Atherton, Frank H.
Baker, Wesley F.
Ballard, Eugene A.
Barker, John C.
Bashaw, William
Bean, Isaac
Bissonette, Dennis
Block, Joseph
Boudreau, Casmear
Boyd, Robert
Bradley, George B.
Bradley, Henry H.
Brown, James
Brunell, George
Bryant, George
Chamberlin, Charles N.
Chapin, Nelson D.
Chipman, Jesse P.
Cole, George W.
Cole, Henry
Condon, James
Corse, George C.
Crandall, Horace M.
Currier, Isaac B.
Davis, John W.
Demmon, Harper A.
Dickens, William T.
Dodge, Richard S.
Dominique, Gilbert
Drinkwater, Charles
Edwards, Jerome M.
Emery, Charles K.
Ennis, James
Fay, Arnold C.
Frazier, James
Frost, John J.
Gabaree, Joseph H.
Gibson, John C.
Goodwin, William Christopher
Goss, Levi
Graves, Myron H.
Gregory, John
Griffith, Horace M.
Guptil, Lorenzo B.
Hakey, George
Halighan, John
Harker, John
Harlow, George W.
Harriman, John L.
Harris, George W.
Hawley, Willis C.
Hazelton, Wright
Hendrick, Henry
Henry, Franklin Sylvester
Henry, George S.
Henry, James Edwin
Henry, Wilbur E.
Hinsdill, Mitchell W.
Hodgdon, Burbank
Holley, Hiland H.
Hurlburt, Homer H.
Hutchins, William H.
Inman, Almeron C.
Isham, George W.
Jacobs, Jonathan
Jacobs, Norman Jr.
Jerome, John
Johnson, James W.
Jones, Andrew
Keeney, Charles D.
Kellogg, Albert
Kellogg, John B.
Kenney, George M.
LaJoy, Thomas
Lake, William H.
Leach, Wolcott Lawrence
Levitt, Lemuel
Longeway, Clement
Maclin, Patrick
Mason, Freeman
Mercy, William B.
Merritt, Daniel H.
Messier, Peter
Mitchell, Myron
Mitchell, William H.
Moody, Charles W.
Moore, William
Naramore, William M.
O'Connor, Patrick
Osborn, Edward
Patterson, David
Pierce, Worthington W.
Plumsted, John W.
Pratt, George W.
Pratt, John
Provost, Israel
Quimby, George Washington
Randall, Benjamin
Richards, Lucius Dunbar
Richardson, William A.
Roberts, Stephen D.
Robinson, George P.
Rogers, Alvin G.
Rowley, Horace
Rumrill, Charles B.
Ryan, James
Sanderson, Truman Seymour
Scott, Edward C.
Shaw, Henry
Smith, Adam
Somers, Harvey C.
Stannard, Curtis Y.
Stone, Joseph
Stone, Josiah S.
Strong, Wayland A.
Terrier, Peter
Tomlinson, George W.
Tulley, Barney
Turner, Matthew J.
Value, Nelson
Wells, Edwin H.
Whitford, Cyrus H.
Williams, James B.
Yale, John Lyman

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.