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17th Vermont Infantry

Portrait Gallery

Please Note: As we identify multiple regiments for soldiers, we are merging the records. Until this is complete, occasionally the rank of the person named below might not be the rank he is wearing in the photograph. Until we identify other regiments soldiers have served in, we note that a photograph exists for him, but it may not be for this particular regiment. For instance, any photographs noted from the Gibson collection, are as identified in the 1st Vermont Brigade (2nd through 6th, and 11th Infantry Regiments). If a soldier in one of these units also served in the 1st Vermont Infantry, he'll be listed on the photographs page for that regiment as well. Also, not all photographs are in uniform or during the war.

Select a soldier's name to bring up his record which will include where his photograph(s) are available.

Austin, George E.
Bacon, George W.
Bates, Albert G.
Brackett, Clarence A.
Brainerd, Charles Deming
Brown, Samuel G. Jr.
Brown, Stephen Flavius
Bugbee, Carlos
Burbank, William B.
Burnett, Abram
Cannon, Feargus
Carpenter, Chauncey P.
Carson, Charles H.
Cave, James B.
Chaplin, Joseph Morris
Chapman, William H. H.
Choate, Orville David
Clark, James
Clough, Daniel Moulton
Collette, Joseph Jr.
Converse, John Rollin
Conway, Daniel
Corey, Charles W.
Corse, George C.
Cummings, Charles
Dale, John J.
Danforth, Alonzo H.
Davis, Andrew J.
Derby, Buell J.
Eaton, Henry Augustus
Edson, Ptolemy O'Meara
Ellsworth, Cassius Wirth
Emerson, Sargent R.
Fairman, Erastus Philo
Fanton, Royal Brayton
Fay, Arnold C.
Fay, John
Fisher, William H.
Gates, Amasa Oscar
Gerry, Orlando F.
Gibson, Gardner W.
Gibson, John C.
Giddings, Benjamin F.
Goodspeed, Wallace
Griswold, Hugh H.
Guptil, Lorenzo B.
Guyer, Guy H.
Harris, George W.
Hartshorn, Eldin John
Henry, Franklin Sylvester
Henry, James Edwin
Henry, Wilbur E.
Hibbard, Edward L.
Hicks, George
Howard, Charles H.
Howland, William H.
Hoyt, Franklin
Inman, Almeron C.
Jordan, Henry D.
Keith, Frank
Kenfield, Frank
Kingsbury, George Washington
Knapp, Lyman Enos
Lamb, James C.
Lane, Daniel H.
Langdon, Seth W.
Laraway, James
Lucia, Joel Howard
Manning, Asahel A.
Marr, Hobart J.
Martin, William E.
Mason, Freeman
May, Dennis E.
Merritt, Daniel H.
Moore, John
Naramore, William M.
Needham, Henry B.
Norton, William H.
Ormsbee, William H.
Owen, Charles
Peck, James Stevens
Pecor, Lewis
Pierce, Worthington W.
Ploof, James
Randall, Charles W.
Randall, Francis Voltaire
Randall, Francis Voltaire Jr.
Raymond, Albert Camp
Raymond, Henry T.
Reynolds, William B.
Robinson, George Sylvanus
Rutherford, Joseph Chase
Shattuck, George
Sheldon, Charles Francis
Stoddard, Lathrop Thompson
Taylor, Franklin J.
Tobin, George W.
Townson, Joseph W.
Tweeddale, John W.
Valley, Felix
Wakefield, Henry
Wakefield, William H. H.
Watson, Charles A.
Wells, Felix L.
Whitehill, Moses
Willey, Albert
Yale, John Lyman
York, George W.