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First "Old" Vermont Brigade

The Vermont Brigade


No doubt other troops from the Green Mountain State
Were equally as true and as brave,
But I am not here their exploits to relate,
Mt theme is the Old Brigade.

Let poets sing and sages tell
Of the heroes of every age,
But there never was any that could excel
Those that fought in the Old Brigade.

Valliant men were they, as ever drew sword,
Courageous, bold, and brave,
And fearlessly they fought the rebel horde,
These men of the Old Brigade.

The stubborn, grand Old Second Regiment,
Of shot and shell they were not afraid,
Like heroes of story those men fought and bled,
They were part of the Old Brigade.

The Third Vermont were valiant men,
No cowardice they ever displayed
Neither shot nor shell could frighten them.
They were part of the Old Brigade.

The Fourth Vermont were courageous boys
And they never were dismayed,
Amid the fiercest battle's noise and din,'
They were part of the Old Brigade.

The Fifth Vermont were men of grit,
With the Johny Rebs sad havoc they made;
They made them " to get up and get",
Did those boys from the Old Brigade.

The Sixth Vermont were true as steel,
They never lay back in the shade;
Like heroes they fought, they would never yield,
They were part of the Old Brigade.

These five regiments, sons of Vermont,
Their flag did always wave.
In the fiercest of the fight, and valiantly they fought.
They composed the Old Brigade.

And from the first battle until the last,
You will find recorded on history's page,
How grandly those men performed every task
Allotted to the Old Brigade.
Down on the peninsula, under Mc Clellan,
Through mud knee deep they did wade,
Fighting the rebels, like bedlam let loose,
Those boys of the Old Brigade.

All through the State of Virginia,
Over hill, through forest and glade,
Leading the sixth Corps on the long hard marches,
Were the boys of the Old Brigade .

Stealing all the poultry they could find,
Every hen-roost they would raid.
For chicken pie was considered none to good,
For the boys of the Old Brigade.

No fat porker would the boys ever miss,
Many a luckless pig they waylaid,
For roast fresh pork was a favorite dish
With the boys of the Old Brigade.

Potatoes, vegetables, all kinds of fruit,
No attention was paid,
To the ownership of such produce.
Twas considered free plunder with the boys
Of the Old Brigade.

But when the boom of the cannon was heard,
And the boys in the line of battle were arrayed,
None were quite quicker, or more willing to go
In at the word,
Than the boys of the Old Brigade.

But ah! Comrades, many of those brave men fell
Nobly fighting the Union to save;
What they suffered and endured no living man
Can tell,
Unless he served in the Old Brigade.

Others died of sickness, caused by exposure,
And in the cold Virginia clay were laid--
It made the boys feel sad and sober,
When a comrade died in the Old Brigade.

Many were wounded by shot and shell,
And cripples for life were made.
You may believe the story that these men tell,
For they were truthful men in the Old Brigade.

Then comrades let us cherish the memory of
Those brave men
That fell nobly fighting the Union to save,
For the time will soon come when none will be left,
Of those heroes of the Old Brigade.

The most of them have already gone,
And the debt of nature they have paid;
Very few remain that once belonged
To the Old Vermont Brigade.

Yes, comrades', we'll be generous in all our acts,
And never ask for comfort or aid,
From copper-head Democrats, for they are not friends
To the boys of the Old Brigade.

We'll be true to the principles for which we fought,
But beware of Grovers and Knaves,
In the ranks with such men we'll never be caught,
We men of the Old Brigade.

Yes, comrades, let us be generous and kind,
Ever ready and willing to aid
A needy comrade at any time,
Ye men of the Old Brigade.

And when at the great Roll Call we meet,'
Be it Heaven or Hades,
May we be permitted to greet everyone,
That served in the Old Brigade.

News and Citizen, September 1, 1887.

Submitted By: Deanna French