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2nd Vermont Infantry


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Company F

Ainsworth, George Julius
Allen, Wyman H.
Anderson, Stephen
Andrews, John S.
Ayers, George A.
Bacon, James T.
Ballou, Horace Chester
Ballou, Jerome Eli
Barrett, Cephas P.
Belcher, Henry H.
Benedict, Charles M.
Bennett, Amos N.
Bradford, Amos C.
Bradford, John M. Jr.
Bridgeman, George W.
Brown, Elijah Scott
Brown, Harvey W.
Brown, William Henry
Burbank, Morgan A.
Buxton, Anson
Caffrey, John
Camp, William H. H.
Carpenter, Ira M.
Cass, Elisha B.
Clark, Dayton Perry
Clough, Ephraim
Clury, Thomas
Cochran, Thomas
Cole, William T.
Contant, Augustus
Cross, John
Cross, Oliver W.
Crossman, Horace F.
Cunningham, George B. T.
Darling, Albert
Devine, Robert
Ditty, John Q. A.
Ditty, Ralph
Dodge, Charles C.
Donnelly, Patrick
Donnelly, Peter
Doty, George W.
Eaton, Charles Hall
Edgerton, Francis Monroe
Ferry, Amasa W.
Field, William Cyrus
Flagg, George W.
Flanders, Luke A.
Flanders, Royal Call
Fortin, Benjamin Lewis
Fuller, Ellick
Fuller, Joseph
Fuller, William
George, Daniel B.
George, Orlenzo M.
Goodrich, Victor
Goron, Joseph N.
Graves, Thaddeus O.
Guinan, Edmund P.
Gunnison, Eri S.
Guyette, Cyril George
Hall, Harry
Hargin, Ira J.
Harran, Charles
Harran, Selden B.
Harris, Henry L.
Harris, Lester K.
Hastings, Frank J.
Hayward, Frederick E.
Herring, Charles J.
Houghton, John P.
Hutchinson, Stearns S.
Jacko, Cornelius V.
January, George
Jenne, Samuel F.
Johnson, Merritt
Johnson, Norman W.
Kelton, John Austin
Kelton, Kneeland
Kelton, William A.
Kent, George A.
Labounty, Edward
Labounty, William
Lapierre, Cyprien
Lapine, Joseph
Laporte, Daniel Marcus
Laporte, Julius D.
Late, John H.
Laurie, Clavius
Lawrence, George
Lawrence, Leonard P.
Loomis, Elverton W.
Lucas, Alfred E.
Luce, Francis R.
Lucius, Thomas
Lupien, Nelson
Lynds, John Montgomery
Mahar, Patrick
Mahoney, Sylvester D.
Marcoux, Alfred
Marshall, George A.
Martin, Francis Smith
Martin, Joseph
Matot, Nelson
Maxwell, Thomas S.
McCauley, Thomas H.
McEntee, Bernard
McNillis, Edward
Miles, Alvah H.
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John B.
Mills, Hiram F.
Minard, Franklin E.
Minor, Charles
Mitchell, Jacob
Mitchell, Joseph
Mitchell, Prosper
Moore, Heman A.
Moore, LaFayette
Morse, Henry A.
Nelson, George E.
Norris, William C.
Noyes, Wallace William
O'Leary, Jeremiah
Ormsbee, Mansel O.
Ovitt, David Hamilton
Parker, Jared
Parker, Samuel Butterfield
Perrin, Julius
Phillips, Walter Arnold
Pierce, Ira
Pierce, Isaac
Platt, Charles H.
Price, Charles H.
Quimby, William H. E.
Randall, Francis Voltaire
Rollins, Elisha E.
Rose, William
Saunders, Joseph A.
Savage, Lucius D.
Seeger, George
Selleck, Albert H.
Shorey, Alcine
Shorey, Joseph
Shorey, Theodore
Smith, Daniel B.
Smith, Edward H.
Smith, William S.
Somers, Seth P.
Stearns, Henry
Stearns, Parrish L.
Stoddard, Harlan P.
Stoddard, Horace B.
Stone, Ambrose Pratt
Storrs, Charles W.
Stow, William Hall
Sullivan, Charles
Taft, Sanborn B.
Taylor, Benjamin
Taylor, Stephen Michael
Thibo, Antoine
Tourville, Louis
Town, Josiah
Voodry, George B.
Wade, Charles Jr.
White, Charles A.
Williams, Frederick
Williams, Ira
Withers, George
Woodcock, Carlton A.
Worcester, Almond Jr.
Worcester, Earl Cushman
Wright, Edwin N.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.