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2nd Vermont Infantry


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Atwood, Augustus Adelbert
Aubery, William H.
Ballou, Erastus G.
Ballou, Newton Herrick
Brush, Edwin Ruthven
Cain, William Jesse
Carpenter, Benjamin Walter
Dayton, Durrell William
Dunham, Denison C.
Edgerton, Francis Monroe
Fassett, Nelson
Fifield, Edson H.
Fisk, Russell
Fisk, Wilbur
Guinan, William
Guyette, Cyril George
Harrington, Ephraim Wood
Hight, Bradbury Wallace
Hyde, Melvin John
Johnson, Enoch E.
Joyce, Charles Herbert
Ladd, Guilford S.
Merriam, Dudley C.
Noyes, Luman Alfred
Pitkin, Perley Peabody
Prouty, Henry Harrison
Ray, Orman Pearl
Remick, Charles E.
Robbins, Augustus J.
Sawin, William J.
Sharpley, David Thomas
Sherry, John Wallace
Smith, Claudius B.
Stannard, George Jerrison
Stearns, Eli Z.
Stiles, Henry
Stone, James Palmer
Stone, Lauriston Loomis
Stone, Newton
Tracy, Amasa Sawyer
Tyler, John Steele
Ufford, Zadock
Walbridge, James Hicks
Whiting, Henry

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.