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2nd Vermont Infantry

Portrait Gallery

Please Note: As we identify multiple regiments for soldiers, we are merging the records. Until this is complete, occasionally the rank of the person named below might not be the rank he is wearing in the photograph. Until we identify other regiments soldiers have served in, we note that a photograph exists for him, but it may not be for this particular regiment. For instance, any photographs noted from the Gibson collection, are as identified in the 1st Vermont Brigade (2nd through 6th, and 11th Infantry Regiments). If a soldier in one of these units also served in the 1st Vermont Infantry, he'll be listed on the photographs page for that regiment as well. Also, not all photographs are in uniform or during the war.

Select a soldier's name to bring up his record which will include where his photograph(s) are available.

Adams, Edgar Emery
Adams, George Sherburne
Allen, James
Appleton, Edward W.
Atkins, M. Franklin
Aubrey, Cornelius E.
Bailey, Hiram C.
Bailey, Samuel W.
Baldwin, Eri George
Ballou, Erastus G.
Ballou, Jerome Eli
Ballou, Newton Herrick
Barrett, Henry
Bascom, John T.
Bass, John Tyler
Bateman, Lewis L.
Beckwith, Albert D.
Beckwith, Joseph D.
Benedict, Jasper A.
Benjamin, Russell H.
Bingham, Leroy Monroe
Bixby, Orville
Bliss, Charles Miller
Bond, William H.
Bowker, Lawrence Fay
Bridgeman, George W.
Broughton, Thomas Francis
Brown, Christopher Page
Brown, Daniel R.
Brown, William Henry
Brush, Edwin Ruthven
Brush, Henry B.
Buck, George Jr.
Buley, John
Burnham, Charles W.
Burnham, William T.
Butterfield, Byron H.
Buzzell, Stillman C.
Cady, William H.
Cannon, Daniel
Carpenter, Benjamin Walter
Carpenter, Ira M.
Carrigan, James B.
Casavant, Thomas L.
Case, Jerome Bonaparte
Chase, Edwin B.
Chase, Jonathan E.
Chase, Peter S.
Chase, Phillips E.
Clark, Charles
Clark, Dayton Perry
Clifford, Israel P.
Comstock, Henry Alonzo
Cook, Madison
Correll, Henry
Corse, Henry P.
Crane, Vernon F.
Crossman, Horace F.
Cutler, Jerome
Davis, Martin V. B.
Dayton, Durrell William
Decelle, Augustus A.
Dillingham, Charles D.
Donnelly, Patrick
Doty, George W.
Drew, John Theophilus
Drury, Eben N.
Dunham, Denison C.
Eaton, Charles Hall
Eaton, Solon
Edgerton, Francis Monroe
Estes, Otis VanBuren
Fassett, Nelson
Ferry, Amasa W.
Field, William Cyrus
Fifield, Edson H.
Fish, Frederick A.
Fish, John Marshall
Fisher, Elijah B.
Fisk, Russell
Fisk, Wilbur
Flagg, George W.
Flint, Almon Warner
Ford, Hadley P.
Foster, William H.
Franklin, Henry Leach
French, George A.
Frost, Daniel P.
Frost, Stephen
Fullam, Volney Sewell
Gage, William Charles
Gale, Albert B.
George, Daniel B.
George, Orlenzo M.
Gibbs, Edward Payson
Gifford, Warren
Gleason, Seneca B.
Glines, Moses C.
Grant, Azariah Andred
Guyette, Cyril George
Harrington, Ephraim Wood
Hart, Silas Luther
Hartwell, Charles C.
Harwood, John P.
Harwood, Justin W.
Hayward, Henry Reuben
Headle, Elwin R.
Hemenway, Daniel D.
Henry, William Wirt
Hight, Bradbury Wallace
Holbrook, Selah Hosley
Holden, Henry
Holmes, Horace B.
Hood, Rinaldo
Hope, James
Howard, Ansel H.
Howard, James G.
Howe, Oramel G.
Hoyt, Timothy Scicles
Hubbard, Myron E.
Hulburd, Loyal Porter
Hulett, Lyman A.
Hurlburt, Ward B.
Hutchinson, James C.
Hyde, Melvin John
Johnson, Enoch E.
Jones, Henry C.
Joyce, Charles Herbert
Kelton, John Austin
Kelton, Kneeland
Kilburn, Joseph W.
King, Wallace D.
Kinsley, Alonzo
Knapp, Horace M.
Lamson, Franklin A.
Lawrence, George S.
Leach, Chester K.
Leazer, Samuel
Lesser, Alphonzo
Loomis, Alden C.
Loveland, Lucius V.
Luce, Francis R.
Maranville, Albert E.
Maranville, Egbert Lillie
Maranville, Merritt Pulaski
Martin, Francis Smith
Maxfield, Hampton L.
May, Albert Abraham
McCarron, Barney
McEntee, Bernard
Mears, Joseph
Miller, Morris G.
Moore, Orville E.
Morey, Charles Carroll
Morrison, George
Munson, Levi L.
Munson, Reuben Lee
Nichols, Eugene
Nichols, Norman J.
O'Brian, William
Ordway, George Blanchard
Osgood, Henry H.
Parkhurst, Sherman W.
Peabody, Harland Orlando
Pearson, Granville Livermore
Pease, Silas H.
Perham, Merritt
Phillips, Walter Arnold
Pitkin, Perley Peabody
Prentice, Benjamin B.
Priest, Charles Wesley
Priest, Ethan Allen
Prior, Elbridge William
Prouty, George B.
Prouty, Henry Harrison
Puffer, Norman Martin
Randall, Francis Voltaire
Ray, Abel T. Jr.
Ray, Charles H.
Ray, Orman Pearl
Rich, Hollis L.
Richardson, George W.
Richardson, John Calvin
Richardson, Silas W.
Riggs, Henry H.
Ripley, John P.
Robbins, Augustus J.
Roberts, Burton N.
Rodney, Louis
Rogers, Hoxey Constant
Rose, William
Royce, Samuel Wells
Sanborn, William H.
Sargent, Mark J.
Savage, Lucius D.
Sawin, William J.
Sawyer, Alphonso R.
Sawyer, George M.
Sawyer, Leroy Winslow
Scott, Israel S.
Scott, Wait
Secor, William H.
Sharpley, David L.
Sherman, Alonzo H.
Sibley, Ebenezer K.
Slater, William
Smith, Charles W.
Smith, Richard
Soule, Hiram E.
Squires, Ezra W.
Stafford, Emerson
Stannard, George Jerrison
Stearns, Eli Z.
Stearns, Henry
Stiles, Henry
Stone, Ambrose Pratt
Stone, Newton
Streeter, Philander Alonzo
Strong, Lemuel Davis
Taylor, Horatio Foster
Tenney, Marquis E.
Tenney, Whitney
Tilden, Eldon A.
Todd, Edward A.
Town, Josiah
Tracy, Amasa Sawyer
Tullar, Elihu
Turner, Orlando S.
Tyler, John Steele
Voodry, George B.
Wadleigh, Isaac N.
Walbridge, James Hicks
Walcott, James A.
Wales, Elijah
Ward, Byron Chandler
Ward, Edwin R.
Ward, Oric R.
Ward, Rollin C.
Warner, Hiram Lindsay
Waterman, Elliston
Weed, Anson H.
Wells, Perry G.
Westman, Orson C.
White, Daniel Stearns
Whiting, Henry
Williams, Wallace Edward
Wills, Andrew J.
Wood, Theodore
Woodard, Joseph C.
Woodbury, Urban Andrain
Worcester, Almond Jr.
Worthen, Erastus
Worthing, James M.