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2nd Vermont Infantry

This page is in transition. The first section, General Resources, will contain articles related to the unit in general; the section section has "additional information" in the individual soldiers' records. While in transition, there may be references to individual soldiers in both sections.

General Resources

"Southern Hospitality"
2nd Infantry - AG62
2nd Infantry - AG62
2nd Infantry, additional service
2nd Regiment - AG63
2nd Regiment, Reunion Roster, undated
2nd Regiment, Reunions, 1886-1922
2nd Vermont Infantry (Burlington)
2nd-6th Regiments - AG65
4th Infantry - AG62
A Hyde Park Boy, correspondence
Army Medical Museum Case Histories
Barber, Edgar E. L., biography
Barrett, John, 50th Anniversary
Bass, Henry J., biography
Battle of Savage's Station
Benedict, Chapter 5
Benedict, Chapter 6
Bicknell, George, biography
Cambridge Casualties (1877 list)
Camp Advance, 12 September 1861
Casualties, May/June 1864 (Lamoille County soldiers)
Charles Collection
Church, Chauncey L., biography
Clark, Abel N., biography
Cole, Nelson S., memoirs
Company C 1890 Reunion photo
Corps Badges
Finnegan, Francis, correspondence
Flanders, William, dishonorable discharge
Gibson Collection
Goodrich, George W., photos
Henry, Thomas, letter to Timothy Hoyt
Holyoke, Mass, Soldiers' Monument
How A Man Feels in Battle
Hoyt, Timothy, correspondence
Hunter, Henry G., dishonorable discharge
Identification Disks
Italo Photo Collection
James Hope (Castleton)
Jones Collection
Joseph Stahl Collection
Joyce, Charles H., biography
Joyce, Charles H., prayer book
Keables, Elisha L., "A Kind Act"
Lamoille County Casualties - May 1864
Manchester Historical Society
May Photo album
Meeker, Henry V., id disk
Nash, Horace C., biography
National Soldiers Homes
Original burials of some Vermont Soldiers in Virginia and the Carolinas
Prisoners at Columbia, SC
Prisoners at Libby Prison, Richmond
Prisoners at Richmond, 25 Sept. 1861
Recruiting Poster
Regimental Band
Research Aids
Reunions of Co. I
Robers, Hoxey C., photo
Russinoff Collection
Sawin, Levi S., biography
Scott Family Portrait
Shenandoah Valley Roll of Honor
Sheridan, Philip, Army of the Shenandoah, Report of Campaign
Stannard, George J., Report of 12 Sep 61 - AG64
Streeter Collection
The Wilderness - Vermont's Bloodiest Day!
Tracy, Amasa S., 2nd Regiment, Report of 17 Sep 65 - AG65
Troops in the Field - AG64
Vermont Flags
Vermont's Last Civil War Veterans
Vermonters buried at Cold Harbor
Veterans Living in Massachusetts in 1915
Ward, Byron C., biography
Ward, Frank, ID Disk
Wilderness, 1st Brigade Monument

Soldiers with "additional information" in their records

(Photographs, documents, biographies, obituaries, etc.)

Adams, Edgar Emery
Adams, Everett E.
Adams, George Sherburne
Akey, Peter
Alden, Sylvester O.
Allen, George Edward
Allen, Hiram
Allen, James
Amblow, William Henry
Amidon, Albert
Andrews, John S.
Archer, Foster E.
Arnold, George A.
Atwell, Marshall Burton
Bailey, Alvin C.
Bailey, Jehial S. Jr.
Bailey, Samuel W.
Bain, John J. Jr.
Balch, Edward Ernest
Baldwin, Eri George
Ballou, Erastus G.
Ballou, Horace Chester
Barnard, Benjamin S.
Barrett, Hervey David
Barrett, William Jarvis
Barrows, Waldo E.
Bascom, John T.
Bates, George
Beach, John Titus
Beals, Charles W.
Beals, William W.
Bean, Joseph
Beckwith, Albert D.
Billings, Stephen Jr.
Bingham, Leroy Monroe
Blake, Horatio Cate
Bliss, Charles Miller
Blood, Dorr Decalvis
Blowers, George E.
Bond, William H.
Bowers, Cyrus
Bowker, L. Fay
Bridgeman, George W.
Bromley, James W.
Brooks, Joseph M.
Brown, Charles N.
Brown, Christopher Page
Brown, Daniel R.
Brush, Henry B.
Bryant, James G.
Bryant, Jonathan
Bugbee, Danforth A.
Burgess, Giles Jewett
Bushey, Henry H.
Butterfield, Byron H.
Butterfield, Joel P.
Butterfly, George
Butterfly, James
Button, Jonathan
Buxton, Anson
Cady, William H.
Cain, William Jesse
Cameron, Ira C.
Cameron, James
Camp, Iram N.
Canady, Allen S.
Cannon, Daniel
Card, Alfred
Cargill, Benjamin D.
Carpenter, Benjamin Walter
Carpenter, Marshall A.
Cassavant, Thomas L.
Center, Franklin T.
Champaigne, Joseph
Chase, Bingham K.
Chase, Edwin B.
Chase, John W.
Chase, Peter S.
Chase, Phillips E.
Churchill, Lyman Alonzo
Clark, Abel N.
Clark, Dayton Perry
Clark, Ira D.
Clough, John
Clough, Marcus M.
Cochran, Thomas
Colby, George W.
Cole, Nelson S.
Collins, Augustus H.
Colt, George M.
Comar, Obediah S.
Comstock, Henry Alonzo
Comstock, Lewis
Conant, William John
Conro, Henry White
Conway, Michael
Cook, Madison
Correll, Henry
Corse, Henry P.
Corse, Wells
Crosby, John
Cross, Lewis Bartlett
Crossman, Dexter
Crown, Samuel
Daniels, Henry F.
Daniels, Mitchell E.
Davis, Curtis
Davis, Leonard W.
Davis, Martin V. B.
Davis, Philo F.
Dayton, Durrell William
Deline, Albert
Devine, Robert
Dewey, Harrison
Dillingham, Martin L.
Ditty, John Q. A.
Dodge, Charles C.
Dodge, Lorenzo Arthur
Dodge, Richard S.
Doty, George W.
Dow, George
Downs, Andrew J.
Drew, John Theophilus
Dudley, Andrew J.
Dunham, Denison C.
Dunn, Charles
Dustin, George M. D.
Eaton, Charles Hall
Eaton, Solon
Eddy, George
Edgerton, Francis Monroe
Ellinwood, Eli
Ellis, Edgar D.
Ellsworth, Cyrus J.
Emery, Elmer A.
Emery, Philo
Farrell, John C.
Fassett, Nelson
Ferry, Amasa W.
Field, Alonzo H.
Field, William Cyrus
Finnegan, Francis
Fish, Frederick A.
Fisher, Elijah B.
Fisk, Russell
Fisk, Wilbur
Fitch, John Ashley
Fitzgerald, Patrick
Flagg, George W.
Flanders, William
Fletcher, Enos
Fletcher, William H.
Foley, Michael
Ford, Abram
Ford, Charles A.
Ford, Hadley P.
Ford, John S.
Foster, Gustavus
Fox, John B.
Foy, Abial Blanchard
Foy, Sarah Jane Hathaway
Francis, Edgar A.
Franklin, Henry Leach
French, George A.
Frost, Daniel P.
Frost, Stephen
Fullam, Volney Sewell
Fuller, Hiland Augustus
Fulton, Robert Nero
Gale, Albert B.
George, Daniel B.
George, Orlenzo M.
Gifford, Warren
Gilligan, Michael
Gleason, Francis A.
Gleason, Seneca B.
Goldsmith, Fletcher B.
Goodale, Samuel L. D.
Goodenough, Alonzo
Gore, William H.
Goron, Joseph N.
Graves, Thaddeus O.
Greenleaf, Charles F.
Greenough, Franklin
Griffin, James
Griffith, Gardner Fayette
Guinan, William
Guyette, Alfred Frederick
Hall, Eleazer Addison
Harrington, Ephraim W.
Hartwell, Charles C.
Harwood, Justin W.
Haskins, Henry
Hastings, Joseph S.
Haven, Prescott R.
Hayward, George W.
Hayward, Henry Reuben
Headle, Elwin
Heath, Salmon Winchester
Hebb, Lewis Smith
Hendry, Thomas
Hendry, Thomas
Hescock, Rinaldo N.
Hewitt, John
Hight, Bradbury Wallace
Hill, Charles H.
Holbrook, Rufus C.
Holbrook, Selah H.
Holmes, Horace B.
Hope, James
Hopkins, Ebenezer
Horton, Charles Eugene
Horton, George D.
Horton, Henry A.
Houghton, Stephen
Howard, James G.
Howe, John
Howe, Oramel G.
Hoyt, Jonathan Mills
Hoyt, Timothy Scicles
Hubbard, George W.
Hubbard, George W.
Hubbard, Myron E.
Hulburd, Daniel Campbell
Hulett, Moses
Humphrey, Amos C.
Hunter, Henry G.
Huntley, Loomis D.
Hurlburt, Ward B.
Hurlbut, Jeremiah H.
Hurson, James S.
Hutchins, Thomas A.
Hutchinson, James C.
Hutchinson, Stearns S.
Hyde, Melvin John
Hyde, William H.
Isham, Myron D.
Jerd, Peter
Jerough, Benjamin
Johnson, Enoch E.
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Merritt
Jones, Edward Threadway
Jones, Henry C.
Joyce, Charles Herbert
Kavanagh, James
Keables, Elisha L.
Kelton, Kneeland
Kelton, William A.
Kennedy, John
Kent, George A.
Kilburn, Joseph W.
King, Augustus S.
Kinsley, William Lyon
Knapp, Horace M.
Kneeland, George A.
Lackey, Amasa
Ladd, Alfred
Laporte, Daniel Marcus
Lathrop, Napoleon Bonaparte
Lawrence, Anthony
Lawrence, Stearns D.
Leach, Albert G.
Leach, Chester K.
Learned, Thomas J.
Leazer, Samuel
Lesure, Russell E.
Lewis, George H.
Locke, Sayles
Loomis, Alden C.
Louizell, Julius
Luce, William
Lyman, Henry C.
Mandigo, Henry H.
Maranville, Ebgert Lillie
Marsh, George M.
Marshall, Myron E.
Martin, Francis Smith
Matot, Nelson
Matthews, Charles H.
Maxfield, Hampton L.
Maxwell, Thomas S.
May, Albert Abraham
McDermott, James
McEntee, Bernard
Mee, Thomas
Meeker, Henry V.
Metcalf, Albert William
Miller, Morris G.
Minor, Charles
Mitchell, Jacob
Mitchell, Prosper
Moore, Alonzo E.
Moore, Armin E.
Moore, LaFayette
Moore, Orville E.
Morey, Charles Carroll
Morgan, Martin A.
Morrison, George
Morrissey, Thomas
Morse, Andrew J.
Morse, Charles W.
Morton, Joseph W.
Mumford, Thomas J.
Murphy, William E.
Nash, Horace C.
Nichols, Norman J.
Niles, Johnson W.
Noyes, Luman Alfred
Noyes, Wallace William
O'Brian, William
O'Neil, Edmund
Ordway, George Blanchard
Ormsbee, Charles E.
Page, Henry C.
Page, Jacob
Palmer, Cornelius Solomon
Palmer, Oscar
Parker, Samuel B.
Parkhurst, Albert
Parkhurst, Sherman W.
Parmenter, Benjamin F.
Parris, Alonzo W.
Parris, John J.
Parsons, Wallace D.
Patch, David A.
Peabody, Harland Orlando
Pearson, Arthur M.
Pearson, Granville Livermore
Peck, Charles William
Pemberton, Charles
Perham, Merritt
Perkins, Daniel Page
Perkins, Lafavor C.
Perrin, Julius
Perry, Henry H.
Phillips, Walter Arnold
Pierce, Alonzo
Pierce, Franklin C.
Pike, George W.
Pitkin, Perley Peabody
Platt, Charles H.
Platt, Horatio G.
Plumb, George B.
Plumb, George E.
Porter, Elijah
Porter, Gilbert H.
Pratt, Augustus H.
Pratt, Isaac S.
Pratt, Richard Morton
Prentice, Benjamin B.
Priest, Charles Wesley
Prior, Elbridge William
Prouty, George B.
Prouty, Henry Harrison
Puffer, Norman M.
Quinn, John C.
Rand, Kirk
Randall, Francis O.
Randall, Francis Voltaire
Ray, Albel Jr.
Ray, Charles H.
Reed, Gustavus
Reed, Oscar C.
Remington, Loyal
Rice, Joseph
Rich, Hollis L.
Richardson, George W.
Richardson, John Calvin
Richardson, Silas W.
Rickard, Henry A.
Riggs, Alfred
Riggs, Henry H.
Ripley, John P.
Robbins, Augustus J.
Roberts, Burton N.
Roddy, Terence
Rogers, Hoxey Constant
Rollins, Elisha E.
Root, Benjamin A.
Rose, Peter
Ross, George W.
Russell, Albert W.
Russell, Joseph R.
Sanborn, Melvin W.
Sanborn, Royal
Sanders, Asa S.
Sargent, Mark J.
Saunders, Joseph A.
Sawin, William J.
Sawyer, Alphonso R.
Sawyer, Joshua Peaslee
Sawyer, Leroy Winslow
Sawyer, Wallace James
Scott, Wait
Sears, William H.
Seeger, Henry G.
Sharpley, David L.
Sharpley, John F.
Shaw, George B.
Sherman, Abraham
Shonnio, Chauncey S.
Shorey, Joseph
Simonds, Frederick W.
Smith, Chauncey B.
Smith, Francis E.
Smith, Lawrence
Soule, Hiram E.
Squires, Ezra W.
Stafford, Emerson
Stannard, George Jerrison
Stark, Lynde A.
Stebbins, John A.
Stickney, Frederick B.
Stockwell, Charles Jerome
Stoddard, Harlan P.
Stoddard, Horace B.
Stone, James Palmer
Stone, Lauriston Loomis
Stone, Newton
Storrs, Charles W.
Stow, William Hall
Stowe, Charles H.
Straw, James
Streeter, John Gordon
Streeter, Philander Alonzo
Strong, Lemuel Davis
Sullivan, James
Sweeney, Theophilus
Tatro, Lewis
Taylor, Horatio Foster
Tenney, Marquis E.
Tenney, Whitney
Tilley, Hiram H.
Tilley, Sidney N.
Tilley, Silas H.
Titus, Carlo
Town, Josiah
Towsley, Leander M.
Tracy, Amasa Sawyer
Turner, Chauncey L.
Turner, Edwin Morris
Turner, Orlando S.
Tyler, George E.
Tyler, John Steele
Vancor, Henry H.
Vanderhoof, Oliver S.
Voodry, George B.
Wade, Charles Jr.
Walbridge, James Hicks
Walcott, James A.
Waldo, Dillingham
Wales, Elijah
Walker, James
Ward, Byron Chandler
Ward, Edwin R.
Ward, Frank
Ward, Oric R.
Ward, Philip
Ward, Rollin C.
Warner, Hiram Lindsay
Washburn, Calvin
Watson, Josiah
Way, Sidney D.
Wells, Perry G.
Weymouth, William S.
Wheeler, John D.
White, Daniel Stearns
Whitney, Albert G.
Wilcox, Samuel J.
Wilder, George H.
Wiley, John Jr.
Wilkins, George F.
Williams, James A. N.
Williams, Wallace E.
Wills, Andrew J.
Wilson, Horatio K.
Wood, George E.
Woodbury, Urban Andrain
Woodbury, William
Woodcock, Carlton A.
Woodward, Charles L.
Worthen, Erastus
Wright, Edwin N.
Wright, Eugene Franklin
Wright, John E. P.
Wrisley, Jacob Willard
Wyman, Abel Tenny
Wyman, Warren M.
Young, James