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2nd Vermont Infantry



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Artifacts from the Civil War that were in the possession of Pvt. Philander Streeter, Co. C, 2nd Vermont Infantry.

They were on display at his home in Holyoke, Massachusetts, on December 6, 1916, on the occasion of his Golden Wedding Anniversary, with his wife Nettie Mae (Tracy) Streeter.

These treasured relics were donated by a family member to the armory in 1963, when the facility was still a viable weapons manufacturer.

Letter from Springfield Armory, dated May 29, 1963, to Mr. Chester Allen Streeter.

Please accept my sincere appreciation and gratitude for your generous donation of extremely rare Civil War specimens to the Benton Small Arms Museum. Your collection is one of the finest that we have received at the Armory and will be displayed prominently for the public to enjoy. It is one that we feel very fortunate in acquiring. I am enclosing an official appraisal of these articles by a Mr. Norman Flayderman who is an expert in antique firearms and accessories.

Your contribution of these Civil War items to the Benton Small Arms Museum is one of inestimable civic importance. In my opinion, the act should be publicized throughout the newspaper, radio and television media as a concrete example of public and community relations between the citizens of this area and the Springfield Armory. We plan to publicize your gift in this manner if it meets with your approval.

Thank you again for this most generous donation.

Signed: Col. L. P. Medinnis, Col., Ord. Corps, Commanding.


1. Post-war Forage Cap

Army card claims this was used from 1870-1880. Donation consisted of "three misc. pcs. 'GAR' hat insignia and encampment medal." Hat is all that remains.

2. Officer's pistol holster

Holster & belt.

3. Union Canteen

Maker unknown - Civil War Union infantryman's cloth covered canteen with shoulder strap. Markings on stopper: J. HALL ROHRMAN (RM LD?)

4. Union Tin Cup

Civil War issue type drinking cup

5. Confederate Belt Buckle

CONFEDERATE BELT BUCKLE; Maker unknown - Confederate rectangular brass belt buckle with relief letters "CSA." Enlisted man's buckle. Appears to be "Army of Northern Virginia pattern." Markings: C.S.A.

6. Cartridge Pouch

Civil War Union infantryman's large leather pouch with tin liners for musket cartridges. Markings: US.

7. Civil War Belt

U.S. leather waist belt with two piece circular brass buckle with relief letters "U.S."

8. Confederate Canteen

Manufacturer unknown - Confederate wooden canteen (iron bound) with original linen shoulder strap and wood stopper. Except for some scratches on wood and some rust on metal in good condition. Markings: M N. crudely carved into.

9. Pouch for Percussion Caps

Civil War Union infantryman's leather pouch for percussion caps. Markings: FAGNI remainder of letters are illegilbe/U.S./ORD. DEPT./SUB INSPECT in oval. R. NECK

10. Colt Revolver Model 1860

COLT REVOLVER MODEL 1860 PERCUSSION ARMY .44 SN# 113598; Manufactured by Colt, Hartford, Ct. in 1863 - Standard Model 1860 6-shot percussion revolver. Unfluted cylinder. Casehardened frame, hammer and lever. Blued barrel and blued steel backstrap; brass triggerguard and front strap. One piece smooth walnut grips. Blade type front sight set in the barrel. Martially marked. Weapon weighs approximately 2 lbs. 11 oz. Finish worn otherwise in good condition. Weapon was carried by Philander Alonzo Streeter, Pvt. Co. "C," 2nd Vermont Volunteer Infantry. Markings: Barrel: - ADDRESS COL. SAML COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA - . Frame: COLT'S PATENT. Cylinder: COLTS PATENT NO. 3598/PATENTED SEPT. 10TH 1850. Roll engraving of Naval battle scene. H. Buttstrap: 113598. Triggerguard plate: 113598. D. Grips: EML or H in rectangle. CAS neatly carved into upper right grip.

11. Infantryman's Blouse

Special Vermont Civil War Period Infantryman's blouse with name of original owner, "STREETER," of the 2nd Vermont Regiment. Philander A. Streeter.

12. Post-war Poster - Stars & Stripes

Maker unknown - Wallace Foster description of origin and history of the flag. Text underneath display of flags flanking Eagle and George Washington's crest & shield. Framed in wood. Enclosed in glass. Wood slightly scratched. Paper slightly discolored. Markings: Top: ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF THE STARS AND STRIPES followed by Foster's text.

13. Civil War Hat

Manufactured by Miller & Co., Maiden Lane, N.Y., N.Y. Markings: MILLER & CO./9 MAIDEN LANE/NEW YORK.

14. Civil War Forage Cap

Made by Horstmann Bros. & Co., Philadelphia. Pa. - U.S. Forage cap with blue wool covering, enameled leather visor and chinstrap. Standard issue two U.S. eagle emblem button securing chin strap. Inside: No lining. Leather sweat band. Markings: Inside on sweatband: HORSTMANN BROS. & CO./ARMY FURNISHERS/PHILADA./CONTRACT AUG. 5, 1880. Buttons: WATERBURY BUTTON CO.
Notes: Horstmann Brothers of Philadelphia was awarded a contract for 14,250 forage caps in 1879 and another for 25,000 in 1881.

Material for the article contributed by Don Streeter, Hamstead, NH, Philander Streeter's great-grandson; additional material and photographs courtesy of the National Park Service.