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Second Vermont Brigade


The Second Brigade;


Camp Life.

By a Volunteer

"To know that which before us lies in daily life,
is the prime wisdom." - Milton

Entered according to an act of Congress, in the year 1864, By E. F. PALMER,

In the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Vermont.


How the Nine Months' Men fared, that went from Vermont; how they felt; and what they did;-these it has been the intention of the writer to present; and, not to make any one man a hero, but to give Camp Life as he saw it.

With great diffidence, yet not without some home of meeting the approval of his comrades, who endured privations so patiently, and fought so bravely for their country, does the author publish this little volume,-thinking that, when peace shall have been established, and the young men of the Second Brigade shall have grown venerable in age, possibly a perusal of these hastily written pages may revive some sweet (I hope not sad) memories of the same and the field.

The Author.
Waitsfield, Vt., December, 1863.

Table of Contents (Not in original)
Chapter 1. (October 1-11, 1862)
Chapter 2. (October 12-29)
Chapter 3. (November 1-24)
Chapter 4. (November 25-December 5)
Chapter 5. (December 5-11)
Chapter 6. (December 11-19)
Chapter 7. (December 19-31)
Chapter 8. (January 1-19 1863)
Chapter 9. (January 20-Feburary 7)
Chapter 10. (February 12-28)
Chapter 11. (March 1-April 1)
Chapter 12.(April 2-May 4)
Chapter 13. (May 4-June 23)
Chapter 14. (June 25 - July 1)
Chapter 15. (July 2-3)
Chapter 16. (July 4-9)

Read the digitized version of the book in the Internet Archive.