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3rd Vermont Infantry




We are permitted to copy the following letter from one of the field officers of the Vt. 3d regiment, from which it will be seen that the men are indebted soley to the efforts of Gen, Smith for their new uniforms.



MY DEAR SIR: --- I have delayed answering your favor of the 5th, hoping to find that the efforts made by Gen. Smith at headquarters would result in some improvement in our affairs. In this I have not been disappointed, for through the general's care for the Vermont regiments we have received our new uniforms and all that is necessary excepting good tents for the enlisted men. The U.S. government steadily refuses to give us any tents ( in place of those which Gen. Davis bought for us, and which have been condemned), excepting the little A tent of the army.---These are so small and so crowded that the men cannot build fires in them, and in consequence they must suffer in the cold Virginia winter. Now, is the State of Vermont large-hearted enough to furnish the 3d Vermont with the "Sibley tent," made of the regular army canvas or duck?

Let me add one word in regard to Gen. Davis. I am told by those who have the very best means of information, that Gen. Davis accomplished nothing whatever in his recent visit. The very person who may have informed him of their ability to supply us in two weeks, cannot be able to furnish an old regiment with clothing for two months to come, All that we have received were obtained by Gen. Smith while sick in Washington, by a personal appeal to Gen. McClellan in our behalf. He would have failed in this if he had not represented the service of the 2d and 3d to the commander and chief, Gen. McClellan, knowing us already, was induced to step over strict lines of discipline, and ordered its supply at once. So Gen. Davis did no good for us, and by his conduct he has made all heartily detest his meanness and stupidity. The state has been disgraced in this re-election.

Yours truly, &c

Courtesy of Deanna French.