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3rd Vermont Infantry

Military Records

Levi Parkhurst Leland
Company A, 3rd Regiment
Vermont Infantry

Extracted from military records obtained from the National Archives

21 DEC 1863 - Levi re-enlisted to serve as a soldier in the Army of the USA for 3 years. His Re-enlistment Paper states:

(1) He was 28 years, born in Lowell, VT
(2) His occupation was listed as a mechanic
(3) The medical certification on the Re-enlistment Paper states he had blue eyes, brown hair and light complexion. That he was also six feet two inches high.
(4) Typed in the margin of the Re-enlistment Paper a statement was typed that he was mustered into service of the US, in Company A, Third Regiment of Vermont Volunteers, on the 22nd day of December 1863, at Brandy Station VA
(5) He was promoted to the rank of 1st Sergeant on 21 Dec 1863

5 May 1864 - A Casualty Sheet on Sergeant L. P. Leland, Company A, Regiment 3 of VT, states that he was wounded on 5 May 1864 while with W Division, C Corps. It states this information was obtained from Records dated 5 May to 10 Jul 1864 of the Division in D. of D.C. The records also show that Brig. Gen. Geo. W. Getty was in command July 10, 1864.

7 Dec 1866 - A Memorandum from the Adjutant General's Office, Washington, states, that rolls on file at that office show that Levi P. Leland was enrolled on 1 Jun 1861 at Springfield, VT, in Company A, 3rd Regiment of Vermont Infantry Volunteers to serve for 3 years, or during the war and was mustered into service as a Corporal on the 1 6 Jul 1861, at St Johnsbury, VT. in Company A, 3rd Regiment of Vermont Infantry Volunteers to serve 3 years, or during the war.

On the muster out roll of Company A, of that Regiment, dated July 27, 1864, 1st Sergt, Vt Vols, "Wounded in action May 12, 1864, died May 14, 1864."

6 Aug 1872 - A letter from the Adjutant General's Office, Washington, to the Surgeon General U.S.A., Washington D.C. requests that the Surgeon General furnish Adjutant General's Office with such information relative to this soldier as the records of the Surgeon General's Office may afford.

31 Oct 1872 - A form from the Surgeon General's Office, Record and Pension Division was provided apparently to the Adjutant General's Office. It reads, "It appears from the list of casualties accompanying the Monthly Report of Sick and Wounded of the 3rd Regiment, Vermont Vol, for the month of May 1864, that Levi P. Leland was killed in action, May 12th 1864 at the Wilderness." Signed, Surgeon D.M. Goodwin and J.J. Woodward, Brev. Lieut. Col. and Assist. Surgeon, U.S. Army.

Levi P. Leland's Military Records reflect the following significant events:

16 May 1861 - Company Descriptive Book of his regiment states that Levi was 25 years; 6 feet 2 inches; Complexion - Light; Eyes - blue; Hair - Brown; Born in Lowell, Vt.; Occupation - Mechanic. Enlistment - May 16, 1861 in Springfield, Vt, by Fred Crain; Term - 3 Years.

16 Jul 1861 - Company Muster-In Roll reflects that Levi P. Leland, Corporal , Co. A, 3rd Reg't Vermont Inf., Age 25, was mustered-in on this date at St. Johnsbury, Vt. That he Joined for Duty and Enrolled on 1 Jun 1861 at Springfield, Vt., for a period of 3 years.

31 Oct 1861 - Company Muster Roll reflects that Levi was promoted from Corporal to Sergeant August 1861.

Jul & Aug 1862 - Company Muster Roll reflects Levi Sick in General Hospital, Philadelphia, Penn. Sep & Oct 1863 - Company Muster Roll reflects that Levi owes the U.S. $.62 for Cartridge Box, Belt and Plate (Lost).

Nov & Dec 1863 - Company Muster Roll reflects Levi Re-enlisted as Vermont Volunteer, 21 Dec 1863.

21 Dec 1863 - Company Muster-out Roll reflects Levi mustered out on 21 Dec 1863 at Brandy Station, VA. and he was last paid on 31 Oct 1863. He was due $12.65 for Clothing Account and $100.00 in pay. In Remarks block, it states Levi was discharged by virtue of Re-enlistment as Vt. Vol. under provisions of G.O. No. 191 Series of 1863 from War Dept.

22 Dec 1863 - M. and D. Roll of Veteran Volunteers reflects that Levi was mustered in at Brandy Station, VA on 22 Dec 1863. In the Remarks block it states, "To have a furlough of at least 30 days in his state before expiration of original term of service. Re-mustered as veteran Vol. under G.O. No. 191 Series of 1863 from the War Dept."

Jan & Feb 1864 - Company Muster Roll Remarks states, "For 1st Reenlistment $2.00 per month due him from Dec. 21/63 to Jan. 21/64 $7.00. Bounty due for reenlistment $50.00."

May Jun 1864 - Company Muster Roll Remarks states, "Died May 14, 1864 of wounds Re'cd in action of May 12/64 at the W. VA." (The "W" probably stands for "Wilderness.")

Jun 1864 - A Returns card states the following,

Aug & Sep 1862 Absent sick

Jan 1863 Absent sick in Gen Hosp

Dec 1863 Dec 21/63 Brandy Station Va Discharged and then reenlisted and re-mustered as Vet. Vol. under provisions of GO No 376 WD

Jan 1864 Absent on furlough

May 1864 May 12/64 Spot. C.H. Died of wounds"

27 Jul 1864 - Company Muster-out Roll, Burlington, Vt, states, "Reenlisted Vt. Vol. Dec 21/63 Wounded in action May 12/64 Died May 14/64."

Contributed by: Ron Foster, Columbus, Mississippi, great-grandnephew of Levi Leland.